About Me

I’m Kathy.
Hello Kathy

I have a passion for the written word and love to get lost in the literary worlds, one of them at a time. Music makes my heart beat faster and my cats are my babies. I wish I could live by the sea, but for now a river must do. I love to explore the world as much as my funds allow me to and there’s still so much for me to see and do.

This blog is dedicated to me, myself and I. My adventures, my failures, my happy times and my weak moments. I like to ramble, over-analyze and blow things out of proportion, but I also enjoy the small things.

At 30+, I am still a fangirl of many things and sometimes I feel my childhood will never end.

I still write old-fashioned letters and have ongoing friendships with penpals all over the world.

If you enjoy this blog, feel free to follow and comment or drop me a line at hello.kathy@aol.com

Other places to find me: Twitter | Ello | Goodreads | Last.fm


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We sound so much alike … are you my German twin?? 🙂

  2. boolaurene

    Hi Kathy

    I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, because I love your blog, and it deserves some recognition.

    If you want any more info then read about it in my blog post 🙂

    Love Lauren x

  3. Rozen Weera

    Hi Kathy … Like you I love writing & receiving mail. I’ve had a penpal since I was 11 years!! I’d like to send you a really old postcard. May I please have your postal address? Rozen

    • Dear Rozen,
      Thank you so much for the comment and the sweet offer. However, safety is an issue when giving out your personal details on the Internet and I prefer to be cautious with strangers. Since you’re not providing a link to any profile or anything where I could learn a little about you, I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing my address with you. Why don’t you head over to Postcrossing.com? It’s a great and pretty safe place for exchanging postcards and hopefully the postcard will find a lovely new home there.
      Best wishes!

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