Note: If you find your link here, it means I enjoy reading your blog, like to come back for more and think it deserves a mention in what’s ultimately a list of blog recs from me. It does not mean that you have to link back or pay me back in any other way. If you like my blog and want to do so, that’s great, but it isn’t mandatory. The commercial sites I’ve linked aren’t affiliate links and I don’t make any money or earn other rewards from it.


4 thoughts on “Links

  1. boolaurene

    Aww thanks Kathy!!!!

    I have to admit I’m loving this idea of mentioning the blogs you love! And I feel flattered that you enjoy reading all about my adventures!

    Thank you!!

    • No problem at all. It’s so rare that you find genuine personal blogs on WP and I really enjoy reading yours. Reading about specific subjects like books or recipes is fun, but the little voyeur in me secretly enjoys stalking people’s lives. 🙂

      • boolaurene

        I couldn’t agree more!!! And I’m glad I’m not the only one! Its intriguing seeing how other people live their lives!!

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