What’s In My Mailbox #1

Yes, I’m still alive. Things at work are…not good at the moment, so I’m not in the mood for much. Netflix and I have become quite close in the past few weeks. I can’t begin to describe how very, very much I’m looking forward to 3:00pm on Friday, when I will shut off my computer and walk out the door of the office for a much needed break.

But I’ve also been writing and receiving postcards, a fact that gave me a reason to smile every other day. As I promised – or threatened, depending on your POV – I’d like to show off an write about what I found in my mailbox every other week or month, depending on what there is to show. I can’t post every single card and hey, sometimes it’s also just nothing to write home about. But the cards – and maybe letters later – I liked the most or that stuck out for me for other reasons will get a little space here.

This one I found particularly cool. At first glance, it’s a postcard style you get a lot from China or other Asian countries. A drawing, colourful and really cute. But if you look closer, it’s a Postcrossing card. The person write that they had found it randomly, not in a special Postcrossing store or as part of a collection. I’m glad they decided to send it to me. Also, if the representation of the different mailboxes are only half correct, everywhere else has so much cooler ones than ours here in Germany. They’re just square yellow metal boxes. Boo!

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why I actually squealed when I found this one in my mailbox, right? It was the first and only raccoon card I received so far. My profile says that I like them but I understand that not many people will have raccoons available. I’ve come across many profiles of people like me who like a specific, less popular anymore and it’s the same for them. I tried to have a few different animals, even exotic ones I’d never heard of, in my collection but it’s impossible to please everyone. This card came from Germany, by the way. Awwwww!

This one is so weirdly cool, I had to share it. If I was to describe the card, it’d sound silly but somehow, it works and the whole vintage style makes it look really awesome. I received a lot of cat and kitten cards but this one is unique. It came from Poland.

I received this card from a Russian Postcrosser. Russia has the most Postcrossing users, so you get a loooot of cards from there. This one is my favourite so far. The person wrote that the artist’s name is Sasha Salmina. I really like the colours of this one and how, at first glance, the girl looks lonely and sad but the longer you look at it, the happier she seems, like maybe she’s just enjoying a rare, quiet moment alone. That’s another cool feature of Postcrossing: It introduces you to new kinds of people and new things, such as art, music, authors, quotes…whatever the person decides to share with you.

Have I mentioned how much I love art cards? No? Well, I do. This one came from the UK and I like that the person chose to share an image from the Greek mythology with me.

So, as you can see, I get a lot of different cards, a lot of things I wouldn’t have asked for specifically but then ended up loving. I also get tourist cards and I enjoy those a lot. I know I haven’t shared of of those yet and you know why? Oddly, I don’t receive all that many of those. A lot of people on the website ask for tourist cards, famous sights or buildings, but when you look through the galleries, most cards sent and received seem to be of other places. So far it seems that people from East Europe are either the most proud of their countries or they just find more postcards of that kind because most of the tourist cards I received came from there.

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