It’s Caturday VI

This young lady has a new obsession

A couple years ago, my neighbor got a new tomcat. All the other cats in this house are female and the poor chap got his fair share of abuse from them. It’s safe to say he’s not a ladies man because instead of making them all swoon, every single cat he comes across turns into a rabid psycho bitch.

Until recently, my ladies were quite unaffected by that. They’re the only ones who live in an upstairs flat and he never found his way up here. Until about four months ago when he figured out that with a little bit of willpower, he could jump his way up to my balcony.

It started one fine weekend morning when I thought the end of the world had come because I was woken up by a diabolical noise from the kitchen. Upon further inspection, it was Äffchen screaming at what I thought were birds. But no, it was this poor little guy. At first, I think he got the shock of his life and disappeared quite quickly. But curiosity got the best of him and he was back a few days later. After a few visits he figured out that yes, Äffchen does have a few anger management problems, but he was perfectly fine behind the glass.

He’d come back more and more frequently. He tried hissing and bitching back but soon settled for staring at her stoically while she freaked out on the other side of the glass.

I thought that her behaving like this was a matter of defending her territory. I may think I’m in control and reigning over this place, especially because I hold the power over the balcony door and thus decide when she can even go out there but nope, obviously she’s the queen of this place and a stranger like him can’t just walk in on us like that. While that may be true, by now I believe there’s some secret little obsession building inside that tiny (though slightly chubby by now) body of my little feline. And it may be mutual. Jacomo (that’s her love interest’s name) comes over twice a day by now, whenever he gets the chance. And for the rest of the time, Äffchen sits by the balcony door and fixes his usual spot outside with a longing gaze. She spends hours sitting there, sort of on and off until it gets dark. Then she knows he won’t come because he gets called inside for dinner and a night in. When usually my cat would settle next to me for a “Welcome Home”-session of Murder, She Wrote reruns after work, she can now be found in the kitchen every afternoon. I feel cheated on!

I fear the time summer comes along and I’ll let her outside. Given the nature of their relationship thus far, I guess she’ll tear out his throat in a dramatic show of her affection.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Caturday VI

  1. Hahaha! Try not to take it personally.

  2. I love that photo 🙂

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