Oh, You Shouldn’t Have

I feel like I should start this post with a massive apology because it’s been overdue. I feel like the person who gets a birthday gift and never bothers to unwrap it.

Over a week ago, the ever so lovely Lauren vom Boo-Laurène graced me with the Versatile Blogger Award which is really lovely considering that my little blog is so tiny and humble. But versatile it is and before I get carried away with my usual reaction to compliments (which is usually to mumble something incoherent and blush fiercely), I’m just gonna say THANK YOU!

The thing with me and blog awards is that I never quite know who to nominate next because I’ve come across so many blogs that don’t like awards or I don’t know them well enough to tell if awards are welcome or not, so I feel like I’m just breaking the rules all the time. With this particular one I also feel like I don’t know many blogs that are actually versatile as most of the ones I follow and read regularly have a specific theme or subject going on. And I’m not comfortable dishing out awards just because I like people so much, even though I know this isn’t a super serious thing. But still. So please excuse me if I take the easy route by only strictly nominating one blog: 221bNeverland is my friend Mel’s blog. I know I’ve mentioned her a million times already but really, her blog is awesome, it couldn’t be more versatile, she is awesome and I know that if she doesn’t like to get awards, she’ll just tell me so or come to my door and hit me over the head with it. (I’m kidding. I’m usually the coming to her door-person).

But hold your bloody horses, I’m not done yet! Since I don’t want to name anyone in particular, let me just say that every single blog on my blogroll deserves an award and everyone who reads this should head over there and check out all the many links of goodness on there. And if you find your link there and you want to grab this award and put it on your blog, please do so!

The Rules for this are:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate fifteen blogs
  • Link the nominee’s blogs and let them know

And here are the seven facts about moi:

  • I used to have a Bambi audio cassette on which Thumper recites his dad’s poem about eating only the healthy green parts of flowers and to this day, I know this poem by heart.
  • My first crush was Fireball from Saber Rider and the Starsheriffs. I spent years crying over the face that he wasn’t real (and I wasn’t a cartoon character).
  • I cannot get naked or do something I wouldn’t do in front of most people when I’m in a room with many pictures or posters of people in the room. This got so far that when I had my walls covered with Take That posters as a teenager, I wouldn’t change in my own room or have to cover their eyes with a sheet of paper. All of them. And there were many.
  • I have whole singalong marathons by myself in the car but never anywhere else and never in front of others.
  • My first kiss was with a man twice my age back then. Nowadays, I find that creepy, back then I thought I was it.
  • When I’m full after eating something salty or spicy, I can still eat something sweet. When I’m full after eating something sweet, I can still eat something salty or spicy. Technically, I could spend a week eating like a pig if I alternate.
  • I only found out that Florida and California aren’t on the same coast a couple years ago. My mind was blown.
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