Upwards and Onwards

I know it isn’t healthy or smart to weigh yourself too often. But after I had my second fasting day for this week yesterday, I couldn’t help but step on the scale again this morning. And I lost an entire kilo since Tuesday. Whaaaat? I’m sure a lot of it is water weight but I’m still quite chuffed.

Yesterday was a little bit harder than Tuesday in the way that I got food cravings last night. Which may or may not have been related to the fact that I was watching Game of Thrones and the commercial breaks were all about food, food and yet more food. Pizza, fish fingers, pasta, cheese…fooooood! But I managed to go the bed with under 500 calories yet again. I’ve also planned my meals and snacks a bit better and had low fat (1.5%) yogurt with blueberries and apricots for lunch. I forgot my stevia at home, so the yogurt itself was a little too sour for my taste but that’s fine, the fruit made up for it. For dinner I had mushrooms again. I eat them straight out of the can and I could eat five tons of them and don’t see myself getting tired of that anytime soon, to be honest. Where I’m not a big fan of mushrooms on pizza or as an ingredient in other dishes, I could just about live off the canned ones.

What I noticed really helps me to get through the day are caramel sweets like Werther’s Original. At 20 calories per piece, they don’t come cheap as far as low cal food goes. But they are so sweet, one is enough for me and they last for a good long while, so long that the craving is done and over with by the time I’ve finished one. I make sure to make the 20 calories part of my play for the day and use it as an emergency treat if necessary.

To be honest, I really expected the munchies to strike on Wednesday. And at first, it looked like they would. I wanted to eat all the junk food in the world at once but ended up staying under 2,000 calories anyway. And had some fruit and veggies, too. Smart food choices despite everything. Today isn’t that much worse. I already had a tuna wrap with a lot of veggies and salad and only one treat (a cream roll). So apparently fasting doesn’t turn me into a ravenous beast.

What I’ve also changed without being conscious of it is my water intake. I always drink a lot but it’s usually diet coke. Now I haven’t drunk that much water lately, either, but tea. With the cold and nasty weather, I find myself able to drink mug after mug after mug. That probably added to the weight loss.

And another upside of this 5:2 thing I noticed is that I need much less insulin. Yesterday, apart from my basal rates, I only needed 4 units of my regular insulin. Usually, on an average day, it comes up to around 30-40. Another thing that not only helps with the weight loss but is a lot healthier in the long run.

So far, I’m pretty happy with how this is working out for me. I don’t know if I’ll manage to fast while I’m in London from the 19th but it’s just four days and I may just use the two fasting days for the remaining week.

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