Thanks to my friend Mel and I’ve already got the first challenge for my inner bookworm sorted for the next year.

Of course, I’ll also set myself a Goodreads goal again, simply because I’m a sucker for these little widgets and because it gives me a motivation burst to see the bar get filled a little more every time I finish a book. But for next year, the stakes will get raised because I’ll also attempt to complete the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

This is gonna be so much harder because I’ll actually have to stick to themes. I did it this year for Lovelybooks, too, but found it very easy to complete because the themes were very vague and rarely gave you specific genres to stick with. Eventually, I stopped paying attention because their website is sort of on and off for me to use, so I don’t remember exactly when I completed it but it was weeks, even months, ago. This one is gonna be so much harder because it tells me to read books within genres I’ve never given much thought to. Plays? Graphic novels? Classic romance? Oh my!

I don’t know if books that complete several of these but I’ll go gentle on myself and just say they will. It’s gonna be hard enough already. But not to make it too easy, I sort of accepted another mini-addition by promising that I’ll finally get around to reading Lord of the Rings. Okay, I’ll promise to read the first book and then take it from there. Chances are, if it’s anything as good as the huge love for the books and movies suggests, I’ll be hooked anyway and then it won’t be much of a challenge. But thing is, just because something is popular and generally high quality still won’t guarantee that it will be for me. I know plenty books and authors that have a huge fanbase and I still don’t really know what to make of them. So I guess we’ll see. But however much or little I’ll like it, finishing that book will meet pretty much half the goals for this challenge. If I like it enough to read the trilogy, that’ll be another one ticked off. Ha! Clever me!

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