Yesterday was great. I went to my doc in the morning and – after an excruciating thirty minutes in the waiting room – he said he fully approves of the Endobarrier thing. In fact, I had the feeling that he was trying to convince me. So it was a quick affair, he realized he didn’t have much news to tell me and we mostly discussed the risks (very few) and advantages (a lot) and he gave me a form to fill out and hand in later. The form was a bit of a mini-challenge for me because I forced myself to be brutally honest and not leave anything out. For the first time, I actually admitted that I was suffering from depression sometimes, something I hadn’t even shared with my doctor yet. But I figured I should be better safe than sorry.

So now I need to go hand the form in sometime this week and then wait for the hospital to get in touch.

What bugs me a bit is that he said they’re working together with a hospital I was told one bad thing about. Nothing major, no complications, just that one person wasn’t really in synch with the doctors there. But that can also be a personal issue. I’ll have to see what they’re like when I go to the interview there. I asked for a rough time frame and my doc said I should count in weeks, rather than months. Excited much?

Another thing I meant to share here is a great recipe I found through MyFitnessPal’s blog, Hello Healthy. It’s for an Apricot Quinoa Summer Salad. I had bought a bag of (hella expensive) quinoa on a whim a while ago, then noticed I had no recipes for it at all. So it came as a bit of a coincidence that HH shared this recipe just now. You can find the recipe here.

When I made it, I left out the zucchini because I’m not a fan of it raw. I also couldn’t find apricots anywhere but desperately wanted to make this salad on Saturday, so I went with white peaches instead. And I diced them instead of leaving them in bigger slices. I’d daresay that the difference is small. The apricots probably make it all a bit sweeter and they’re a little smoother, too, but I really enjoyed my version anyway. Also, the recipe isn’t clear about which ‘spices’ you should boil with the quinoa. I ended up adding a bit salt and pepper, the garlic and some of the parsley once the quinoa was starting to become fluffy and most of the water was gone. It worked perfectly for me.

I looooove the quinoa. The consistency and taste is exactly my kind of thing. I don’t know why mine is lighter than in HH’s picture but as long as it tastes good, I’m good.

The salad stayed good for about three days and I personally liked it even more after it had all soaked in the dressing for a day. Yum!


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