I’m really not a patient person and this whole Endobarrier adventure is proving to be a real test for me.

Time seemed to crawl by while I was waiting for the next appointment with by diabetes counselor and when it finally came around on Thursday, it turned out to be a real disappointment. First of all, the doctor had no time for me. My counselor said she’d added the date to his calendar but something must have gone wrong. He could have popped in for a moment but said with big decisions like this, he prefers to take his time. Which is understandable but still came as a disappointment. Now he’s going on vacation for a few weeks and his schedule is pretty full so the soonest appointment they could give me is on August 25. Which means that it’s more than a month before I finally find out if I’ll get this chance.

I keep googling the subject to see if there are new blog entries or forum posts from people and I can positively say that I’m all riled up to go and this is really slowing me down. I’ve also already started educating myself on what kinds of foods I should leave out. What will suck is that most of the healthy foods I love won’t be allowed. As far as meat goes, chicken is my favorite and I won’t be able to have that anymore. Same with asparagus which is one of my favorite veggies in the world. Instinct tells me I should have those as often as possible now but logic says that’ll probably be counter productive. It’s not like my cravings will stock up on that and I won’t miss them. On the contrary, I’ll probably miss them even more if I get used to having them so often.

From what I gather, the first month or so will be hard anyway. For a couple weeks, I’ll only be allowed soup and liquids and I’ll feel full after about half a dozen spoons. After that, it’s the same story with creamy stuff. It will help that I feel seriously physically full, so it won’t be like I am eating less than I want. What I’m more afraid of are the cravings. Everyone knows that when you crave burger and pizza and whatever else, soup is about worst case scenario. I’m not saying it won’t be worth it. But I’m preparing for that being the worst part of it. The only somewhat negative post I read about Endobarriers was written by a woman who claimed she could eat everything right after she came home from the hospital. And then she claimed the Endobarrier got ‘dislodged’ which I don’t doubt was probably caused by her not following her diet plan. I’m not gonna be that woman!

August 25, August 25…it feels like a whole lifetime till then!

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