Creeping Forward

This week’s great NSV: I noticed how my arms have already started looking and feeling better. After only two weeks of a somewhat disciplined gym routine and increasing the intensity. Bingo wings are still a thing with me and I’m not sure if they’ll ever leave me but even that part feels a little bit firmer already.

The not so great news is that on Wednesday, I started noticing an unusual pain in my abdomen. At first I thought it was sore from the workout because I upped the insensity and because I started walking on the treadmill. But it never really seems to leave and even though I’ve been to the gym again on Friday, I think my body should be used to it enough for the pain not to be that bad. Especially because only that part hurts, not my arms, nor my legs. So by now I fear it might be either a problem with my stomach or my cyst acting up again. Especially because the pain gets worse when I eat and right now, I can’t even eat much without feeling like my stomach is bursting.

And I figured that this whole being healthier thing doesn’t just stop at weight loss and fitness. I should probably do the responsible thing and make an appointment with my doctor. Hopefully it’s nothing that requires surgery. I could imagine more fun things to do with my summer.

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