Haters Gonna Hate

One thing that really bothers me about weight loss and fitness related communities like MyFitnessPal is that no matter how hard people are struggling with their own journey, no matter how well they know how much it can hurt when others judge you, they always do it to others, as well. One of the most popular subjects for people to discuss are other people at their gym.

I believe the top most criticized type of gym goers are girls with full make-up. Why? I don’t get it. I mean, I don’t understand the necessity of a full eye make-up when you’re probably gonna sweat it all off, either. Personally, I’d find it too much hassle to do it before going to the gym. On the other hand, when I go there after work or something else that I had made myself up for, I don’t go through the process of removing it beforehand, either. But that is not the point. The point is that those girls’ make-up – or their appearance in general – does not have any influence on who I am or what I’m doing there. It doesn’t keep me from working out, it doesn’t offend me, it does nothing to me at all. And for all I know, there might even be a serious (mental) health reason behind that one girl’s need to wear make-up. Why would I go out of my way to judge her, even if it is on some forum on the Internet where she may never even read it? There are people who will read it, and maybe even some who are dealing with the same issues as she does, so why would I risk to offend them when they did nothing to prevent me from having a nice gym experience?

The same goes for smelly people. Yes, there are some people who underestimate the importance of personal hygiene. But can we just agree that the majority of people who smell have some medical condition rather than a difficult relationship with their shower which prevents them from using it regularly? Plus, it’s a gym. People go there to exercise which causes them to sweat. And while I know that fresh sweat doesn’t smell like a bucket of dead fish, it certainly isn’t nice, either. Especially after people have been bathed in their own sweat for about one or two hours, however long they need to get their workout done. And, to repeat my previous point, some may have some kind of illness that causes them to reek sooner than others. Still, no reason to judge them. If it really is that bad for you, it probably means you’re invaded their comfort zone, rather than the other way round. You’re too close, buddy, go and use a machine that’s further away. Problem solved! Again, absolutely nothing that people need to bitch about just because they can hide behind a screen name rather than show their face.

And it’s the same with any exercise attire people choose to wear, most noises they make, how long it takes them to go through their routine or what gadgets they bring to track their heart rate, weight, calorie burn or dirty butt sex dreams while they work out.

I just don’t get it. When I go to the gym, there are plenty of people I could really get worked up over because they absolutely influence my gym experience and slow me down. Like those girls who spend twenty minutes sitting on their respective machines and just chat without getting a single round of exercises done. Or that guy I saw on Tuesday who used one of the machines to place his towel while he used another one, therefore preventing some others from using it because they thought it was occupied by someone else. Those are seriously annoying gym goers that one would be allowed to shake their head at. Plus, you’d be judging their behaviour rather than the personal choices they’ve made or something they can’t change.

Ugh, I just hate judgemental people!

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