You Had Time to Waste and I’m Not Sorry

Alkaline Trio & Bayside, Cologne

Alkaline Trio & Bayside, Cologne

I went to see Alkaline Trio last night. I’ve liked them for a while but they’ve always been one of those bands that I enjoy listening to but would not call myself a fan of. But when I heard they were playing here only last week, and that the tickets were indeed only 20 Euros, I spontaneously decided to go. This was crazy in so far that I decided to go on my own. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. Yes, things are often more fun with nice company. But quite often, going alone beats the available company in my case. Going with someone is only fun if the other person is able to enjoy it, too. At least I’m not comfortable with feeling like I’m dragging someone along. So in most cases, I just end up not going at all. I don’t even know why.

I was so comfortable last night. The breaks were a bit dull, yeah, but I can always do stuff on my phone and simply go back to the good old people watching.

The venue, Bürgerhaus Stollwerck in Cologne, is one of my favorite locations in the world. It’s a community center that’s used for a number of shows, gatherings and other events, so it doesn’t look very ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ but the sound is great, the air never gets too stuffy, it has too large balconies that have a great view if you don’t want to go down into the pit and it’s easy to go their by car or public transport. That’s more than can be said about most venues in Cologne. And can we just take a moment to hate the fact that I actually have to go to Cologne for most things?

The awesome part of this show was that they were bringing Bayside along for this one. The downside was that they still had another support act, Apologies, I Have None from the UK. Musically, they were awesome but I didn’t like the singer’s voice at all, which is, of course, subject to personal taste and has nothing to do with talent. Still, I could have done without another support act.

Bayside were great, although I’m afraid to say that either the majority of the crowd didn’t agree or they simply didn’t like to show if they enjoyed it. I’m not much of a dancer myself but then I don’t go stand in the front rows. Sadly, just a small pit in front of the stage did rock out to the band, although they did their best to get the crowd going.

But then again, even when Alkaline Trio finally took the stage, that small island within the crowd was the only place where people really went along for the first few songs. After a while, though, people slowly started losening up and the mood got better and better. If I had one thing to complain about, though, it’s that I’m tired of American bands mentioning German beer. Yes, we brew some mean stuff, get over it!

The band themselves seemed a little moody but I don’t know if perhaps they’re just not to sweet bunch of guys. They seemed pretty…tough?! But that wasn’t what I’d come to there for. I wanted to hear some of the songs I’ve been listening to and loved for years and that’s what I got. Musically, they’re surely one of the best bands I ever got to hear live. Impressive!

It left me hungry for more, though. I’m thinking about going to see Kristopher Roe from The Ataris supporting MxPx next week but I don’t know. He’ll play an acoustic set and there’ll be a second support act again, too. I don’t know if I’m up for that. Right now I’d say yes but eeeehhh, decisions!

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