Current Beauty Faves

It’s such a dull and boring Sunday here today. I was gonna go for a walk but didn’t even want to go out in this weather. It isn’t even raining or very cold, just grey.

So I decided to sort through my beauty products and pick out my current favourites. A lot of people are doing it lately and it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve already took notes about possible future purchases. So I’ve made my own little list of products I use all the time at the moment, some even daily.

Beauty Faves

Beauty Faves

1. Benefit’s YouRebel – Sadly, it’s discontinued now. This is my last tube and I have absolutely no idea what to replace it with. It’s sort of a tinted moisturiser. Does what all those BB and CC creams promise but better (for me). I haven’t found a product I like as much. The only products that smooth my skin as much as this are actual foundations and those don’t feel nearly as light as this. Sigh.

2. Agent Provocateur’s Maitresse Parfum – Hands down, I’ve never received so many compliments on any fragrance before. It’s a bit of a tradition for me to always bring a new fragrance from London. Or rather, I use the boring ferry ride to choose one in the Duty Free Shop’s extensive beauty department. I picked this up because I instantly fell in love with the scent. I think this year, I’ll just buy a new bottle of it.

3. Lush Cosmetics Lip Color ‘Faith’ – When Lush came out with its cosmetics, I was both, intrigued and put off by the strange little ‘apothecary bottles’ in which they sell all of them, no matter if it’s lip color, eye shadow, liner… And also by the way how they sell it. You can’t just walk into any old Lush shop and pick one up. Okay, you probably can but the actual point is that they make you look at the entire color palette and choose two or three colours spontaneously. Then they tell you which ‘feeling’ or ‘attribute’ there is behind that color. When I went, I think I ended up choosing ‘Faith’, ‘Self-Esteem’ and something else. And I chose to take ‘Faith’ home. It’s a gorgeously bright pink that’s just right for Spring. Currently, I like wearing it when I want to have some more color in my face.

4. Treacle Moon’s Cinnamon Nights Bodywash – Oh.My.God. Cinnamon! I picked this up at random and had it on my shelf for a while because other products needed to be used up. And last week I finally opened it. Then, the next day, I went and bought another bottle because it’s limited. Because, yes, it is that good.

5. Urban Decay’s Naked One Palette – I guess this is a staple on most beauty faves lists. This or one of the other two Naked Palettes. I only have the first so far and while I keep drooling all over the other two when I come across a UD counter, I don’t feel like I absolutely need them. Or any other shades for that matter. I think it’s safe to say that if you own any of those palettes and you’re pretty basic with your make-up and don’t need a lot of colours, you won’t need any additional eye shadows, maybe not even eyeliners because the darker shades can be used for that as well. I can’t think of many eye make-ups I’ve done lately that weren’t at least based on one or two shades from this.

6. The Body Shop’s Body Butter Blueberry – I’ve been in love with TBS’ Body Butter for a couple years now. Until I got to try it through a friend, I would have never ever ever spent 16 € on any kind of skin care product like that. And the few body butters I used before that weren’t all that convincing. More like lotion in a can rather than a bottle. But then I tried this one and god, it’s so good! So much creamier and rich. And the scents are amazing. I’ve tried several over the years but blueberry is my fave by far.

7. Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadow ‘Skinny Jeans’ – A friend of mine gave this to me for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with it. Benefit’s cosmetics rarely grab my attention and so far, I’ve never cared much for any creamy eye shadow. I have a few drugstore brand ones and they’re a real struggle. But then I got this and swatched it on my hand and it felt so good! The texture is really easy to work with, stays put for hours and the brownish grey color is just gorgeous. I often just wear that with a bit of mascara these days. Plus, I love the little glass box it came in.

8. MAC’s Cremesheen Lipstick ‘Fanfare’ – When I gave up on my grudge at MAC for losing the Cruelty Free label, I decided to do something I rarely do: Go to a MAC counter and ask one of their artists for help. I was looking for a nice lipstick color I could wear everyday. It was supposed to be subtle and not dry my lips out too much. The guy instantly suggested I should choose one from the Cremesheen range because it has a very rich and creamy texture. After looking at a bunch of them, I fell in love with ‘Fanfare’ because it’s so subtle and yet a gorgeous, natural color without being a ‘nude’ lipstick. I love the ‘nude’ look but it makes me look sick. 😦

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