Lazy Sunday

Spent the day....

Spent the day….

The good thing about terrible days like yesterday is they’re usually followed by good days like today. Days when I remember what’s important and what isn’t and get to spend quality time doing something for me, and just me. Well, and the cats.

The only positive thing that happened yesterday was that I spent almost two hours at the (almost empty) gym, burning some good calories. So this morning, I slept in and then had a wonderful, huge, decadent brunch including rolls and scrambled eggs. I rarely even have proper breakfast, so this isn’t a regular thing, but today I just felt like it. So good! I also bought some white chocolate-flavored cream cheese yesterday that I almost bathed in today. So much for healthy eating. I think I’ll settle for eating less rather than sticking to lettuce. :p

Except for some laundry, I then proceeded to do…nothing all day. I cuddled up in bed or on the couch with the cats and read and watched TV. Nothing

...with my besties!

…with my besties!

more. For a brief moment, I considered going out but then didn’t know where to. The weather wasn’t nice enough for a walk and I didn’t want to go to Starbucks or some other cafĂ© and just be annoyed by people.

Also, I think I’m gonna try harder to save money and go on vacation more often. The only good thing my aunt told me about yesterday were the vacations she and her boyfriend went on in the last couple years (Israel! <3) and it really encouraged my wanderlust a lot. Then today, I was thumbing through a leaflet with holiday offers I picked up at the supermarket yesterday and was smitten by the part about Dubai. There are so many places I’d love to see one day and I’m not gonna live forever and doubt I’ll end up rich enough to just afford it like that one day, so I better save up and treat myself to something nice.

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