I’m just so, so, so sick of things right now.

When Americans hear about the German health care, they always think it’s peachy because we don’t get astronomically high medical bills. Which they do have a point with. The thing is, though, when you’re left hanging when you’re sick, it sucks either way. Just yesterday, my mom was doing alright and almost ready to come home. Today, because the hospital beds are so cheap and crappy, she dislocated her back. Even the nurse said so. And her nausea is back, too. Why we wouldn’t know. Because no one there cares. She told them several times that she’s feeling sick again and they don’t even react to it. She’s been there for almost a week now and they’ve run exactly three tests, all of which were to find out if she had the virus that’s been in the news lately, giving them bad press. So it’s safe to say what they were most concerned about was to make sure they’re in the clear. What she’s really suffering from, they’re not that eager to find out.

When I went to visit her today, a nurse came in to test her blood sugar and immediately barked at her that they’d come around to pick her up for some more tests earlier but, oh no, she hadn’t been around. Which is unfortunate, yes. But here’s a totally crazy idea: How about letting people know what’s been scheduled for them that day, so they’ll be around when it’s time for the appointment? They always do this! They’ve done it to me several times. And I mean, they come in to check on people and do the daily stuff every single morning. Why not freaking keep people up to date? And why, oh why, would you snap at my mom for your own mistake?

So yeah, basically we’re starting from scratch again and I’m so tired. I’ve been doing tons of laundry over the weekend and there’s another load in now. Just going to the hospital itself is dragging me down because I never know what to expect and I hate the place anyway. It’s keeping me from doing stuff and I’d accept that gladly if there was anything to come out of it. But right now, there just isn’t. If they don’t even listen to my mom telling them what’s bugging her, how can they figure this out? This has happened before and after a while, they just sent her home and by that time, they had bugged her enough that she just wanted to leave without running further test. Ugh, why can’t they just at least treat her nicely? Isn’t it part of their job to be compassionate?

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