Breathe Easy

Just when I think I have things under control, something happens out of the blue.

This time, the ‘something’ came in the form of a call from my mother. She called me at work on Wednesday to tell me she’s waiting to be taken to the hospital. Once I had opened and closed my mouth like a fish a few times, I managed to ask what was going on and she said “Well, my doctor thinks I may be about to get a stroke!” Like…what??!!

So after a moment of panicking and crying and nearly hyperventilating in the restrooms, I rushed to the emergency room to be with her, only to find no one there had any idea who she was or what was going on. After waiting for about an hour, finally a nurse came out and told me that my mom had already been put under quarantine because they thought she had some virus, possibly MRSA. So she went from a near-stroke to a virus infection? Uhm…?

I spent the best part of Wednesday at the hospital, even though they kept wheeling her from one room to the next and, finally, put her in a private bedroom and drugged her up to the point that all she did was sleep. Since she couldn’t tell me what was going on, and the nurses were only allowed to say so much, and no doctor was in sight, I thought I was about to go crazy. They did, however, assure me that she wasn’t in any immediate danger so I went home eventually.

They keep telling me not to worry but I can see that my mom isn’t doing too well. It’s just really hard not to worry when you still see your mother is in pain and they don’t actually have any positive test results for show. Plus, she’s still under quarantine. So it is a little hard to just relax and even though I’ve tried not to sit around and think too much, I’ve been on edge since Wednesday. The worst thing is that my mother is like a wild animal in the way that she tries everything not to let it seem like she’s suffering. You can see she isn’t well but she won’t really tell you about it. So I’m paranoid.

But then, about an hour ago, I received a text from her saying she thinks it’s going uphill because she’s been feeling so great since this afternoon. I really hope it’s a good sign. And I also hope that they’ll finally figure out why her health is going up and down all the time. It’s always some form of nausea and other stomach problems, so there must be a trigger for that. But for now, I’m just relieved.

Because of this mess, I haven’t made it to the gym since Tuesday. I meant to go today but then had to visit my mom, run errands and do laundry for her and myself, so I really just couldn’t make the time. But I’ll go tomorrow. I have no plans except to visit her again, so I suppose squeezing in the two hours for the gym won’t be too hard.

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