When You Need A Good Laugh…Look at Your Search Engine Terms

It was a rough Monday, okay? So I needed a laugh and looked at my search engine terms. For those who don’t know about it: Most blog providers will give you some stats, views per day, clicks per day, visitors, yadda yadda. Among those, you usually find search engine terms that people were searching for and that led them to your website.

Let me share a few of tonight’s interesting gems with you…

“i hate jillian michaels” – Well, we’ve all been there! Poor Jillian. 

“davey havok weight” – Well, huh! I’m sure he’d appreciate your interest in this.

“davy havok big” – Apart from the fact that you misspelt his name, do I really want to know what…uhm…big part you were looking for here?

“jillian michaels pussy breathe” – Uhm…WHAT? I…just no!

“hellokathy what happens at grammas stays at grammas” – Just what is going on there? Instead of searching for this, shouldn’t you be worrying about your ‘gramma’ and whatever happens at her place?

“the brave depp amazon” – Aww, bless your computer-illiterate little heart! I suggest you also google ‘cute kitten iPhone cover eBay’ or ‘baby doll dress Asos’.

“sanitaire vacuums how much for the expensive one and how much for thejnexpensive ones” – ….yes?!

“kathy my boyfriend for three years” – Okay, I can’t help but feel I’ve missed something here.

“fat minion” – Now I’m just offended!

“kathy and ‘friend’ in car at starbucks” – I’m sorry, you won’t find that video here. Now, if you go to my Youporn channel, though…

“naked kathy haining tumblet” – I have no idea what you want from me but I feel like Youporn sounds like a safe suggestion here, too.

And let me end this with a public service announcement: The book is called ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes. Yes, that’s directed at you, people who were searching for ‘me after you’ and several other versions. If you google ‘me before moyes amazon’, I’m sure you’ll get there.

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