Half-Way There #2

I almost feel like I deserve a medal for how well I’m doing at working my way through this to-do list. To hold myself accountable, I’ve decided on posting a little update.

  • Write piece for a Secret Santa due on Dec 25th 1/3 done
  • Finish making mixtape + cover for another Secret Santa
  • Write another Christmas piece I’ve set Dec 24th as a deadline for
  • Buy last piece of gift for friend
  • Buy gift for mom
  • Buy Christmas cards
  • Mail gifts and cards
  • Put up last pieces of Christmas decoration
  • Tidy up and clean living room
  • Buy ingredients for baking
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Plan meal for Christmas Eve and look up recipes
  • Finish Goodreads reading challenge for 2013 (1 book left) only 60 pages left

That damn mixtape really, really got me stuck, though. So even though I’ve only ticked off three more items on this list, I feel like I’m almost done. It took me four hours to finish the cover and I wish I could post it here without giving away who it is for. But I’m really proud of it. I put a rough The Nightmare Before Christmas theme on the thing and included both Christmas and Halloween songs with a few of my general favorites thrown in. So, keeping the cover in line with that, I used red paper, wrote The Nightmare Before Christmas in black glitter on it (and a nightmare that was!) and then added some artwork in which the two seasonal festivities were mixed, i.e. a jack-o-lantern with a Santa hat. Altogether, I’m really proud of how it turned out, despite myself sucking at crafts so much!

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