Half-Way There

I just opened another door of my advent calendar and it reminded me that it’s only ten days til Christmas Eve. Cue a hysterical panic attack on my part.

So far, I thought I was doing really well. I thought I was on time.

Haha, yeah, right.

Truth is, I’ve started everything that needs to be done but I’ve finished very little. The only thing that ever helps me in this situation is sitting down and thinking about what exactly it is that needs to be done, write it all down in a to-do list and then tick things off. I’m a visual person, so as long as things are just thoughts in my head, I lose track and fool myself into thinking I’m okay.

So, the to-do list for this Christmas / End of Year is:

  • Write piece for a Secret Santa due on Dec 25th
  • Finish making mixtape + cover for another Secret Santa
  • Write another Christmas piece I’ve set Dec 24th as a deadline for
  • Buy last piece of gift for friend
  • Buy gift for mom
  • Buy Christmas cards
  • Mail gifts and cards
  • Put up last pieces of Christmas decoration
  • Tidy up and clean living room
  • Buy ingredients for baking
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Plan meal for Christmas Eve and look up recipes
  • Finish Goodreads reading challenge for 2013 (1 book left)

There you go. I’ve ticked off the one point I’ve already finished to motivate myself.

Later today, I’m going out to buy the cards and hopefully the gift for my friend. Then I’ll make the mixtape, wrap it all up and write cards, so they can be mailed next week. That’ll keep the pressure of the mail coming in late off my shoulders. I’m half-way through with the last book for Goodreads, too. And I’ll be buying ingredients for baking later, too, so hopefully the cookies will be over and done with by tomorrow, as well.

The most annoying part, as usual, is the writing. I’ve finished both pieces in my head so often already. Whenever I’m in bed or in the shower or in the car, I ‘write’ it all out. Then I sit in front of my computer and words just fail me. But at least those don’t need to be finished way ahead because I can literally finish them a second before they need to be posted. Or at least finish proofreading then.

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