To New Beginnings

I logged in today and got this:

1st Blog Anniversary

Why, thank you, WordPress! You’ve been treating me very well and I enjoy keeping this little blog.

This is so fitting as well because over the past year, I’ve posted about so many plans and dreams and wishes and resolutions and good intentions. And let’s be honest, the only good that’s come out of everything in my life so far is that I’ve learned that I’m just not very good at sticking with things. If I was the kitten from the Hang In There posters, I would have long let go and crashed to the ground in a furry bloody heap. That’s gross! My apologies.

So yesterday marked the start of another of those big plans. I had my first training at yet another gym. This time I won’t hype it up and say I’m soooo gonna stick with it and I’ve changed and blabla. I don’t know if this time around will be better. I don’t know if I’ll have any more willpower than before.

What I do know is that I have a really good feeling about this. It’s closer to home and I can get there by public transport if I want to, so gas money isn’t an excuse anymore. At first glance, the place also seems nicer, more comfortable with more options and better machines. Since it is right across the street from my mom’s work, she also signed up to do stuff for her hip and back, so we can go together sometimes. We had our first appointment with a trainer yesterday and that also seemed very professional. The last gym basically had us use “the usual” machines and then sent us off without further information. This time we were assigned a personal trainer who checked out current fitness, had us set goals and made personal plans for us to follow for a couple months before we’ll meet again to make a new plan. I feel so much more comfortable with that.

The hardest part was stepping on the scale and having him check my weight. But after I let myself go so much in the past weeks, I expected much worse. I was wearing clothes and I had eaten and drunk during the day and yet, I was still “only” at 136.2 kg. The trainer now set a goal of going down to 134 kg by mid-January for me and he explained why he set it seemingly low, too. He said it’s much better to go for low goals so you won’t get discouraged and we with my plan to start slow (going twice a week, maybe three), I may have a slow start as well. He also explained a lot of what goals we should be going for, how building up muscle is related to losing weight, etc. I knew a lot of it already, of course, but he couldn’t know that and I think it’s important info to get when you’re starting out at a new place. After having joined other gyms before, I now find it highly unprofessional when they’re not willing to spend more than twenty minutes working with you. Also, he understood the need for doing things one step at a time and said I shouldn’t change every little eating habit at once and definitely not under eat because that’ll make me lose my motivation all too soon.

The training plan we worked out also looks very good – and very new – to me. Instead of just handing me a standard plan, he worked with me and asked which machines I like, explained which would be better and in the end, we decided on going for the circle training for the first two months. I’d never done that and don’t think my old gyms had that but it looks great for getting into the routine again. Then in mid-Januar I’ll meet up with him again and we’ll make a new plan. He already said that it’ll be better to move on from the circle training and use the “big” machines then because the circle machines don’t really allow for many adjustments, heavier weights, etc. Eventually, I can also schedule a meeting with him to try out the vibro plates (which I’m secretly dying to do) or join courses. I’m kind of eager to try Zumba but I think for now I’ll try to stick with making it to the gym at least twice a week before I make any more plans.

So yup, here’s to new plans and beginnings!

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