Spidey, Spidey

This entry shall start with the tale of a brave little cat. Äffchen, fearless as she is, saved me from sleeping on the couch yesterday because she stalked, killed and ate a spider that had rudely set up camp by my bed.

But I still didn’t sleep well.

It’s getting ridiculous now. At around one in the morning, I woke up screaming and running around my bedroom, switching on the light and staring at the ceiling in a wild panic because I was sure I’d seen a tarantula-sized spider there. It took several minutes before I realized that it had either been a dream or that I had imagined it all. Afterwards, I went back to sleep but I was so exhausted from my nightly adventures that I still felt drained when my alarm woke me at six and the whole day just became a drag.

This is the second time it happened and I have no idea if I should try to and do something about it?! I really don’t like spiders but I’m not actually paranoid or anything. I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia in the way that it affects my daily life a lot. In fact, there’s one in my kitchen as I’m writing this but it’s up in a corner somewhere, so I’m not freaking out about it. I just don’t like the idea of touching them or having them crawl all over me. As long as I know it can’t reach me, I’m fine. But still, if it’s messing with my mind that much, perhaps I should do something about it?!

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