While I’m working on the next part of my Mallorca Adventure, bear with me while I whine and moan about how socially awkward I am.

There are a bunch of girls who are all professional, walking around the offices of this world in their smart Armani costumes and theyir chic black heels and smiling their perfectly lipstick-painted smiles.

I’m not one of them.

I’m the girl who is sitting at her desk in her casual jeans and her H&M shirt. I’m on the late shift and I’m alone with my male co-worker.

And then I lean over to toss something in the trash. And suddenly there’s a loud SNAP! So loud that there’s no way he could not have heard it. And it came right from my boob area. So then there are two ways I could handle the situation. I could a) just turn back to my desk and pretend it was a bone snapping or maybe my shoes or just…anything or b) start examining my bra and right boob right there in front of him, including a firm squeeze and a snap of the under boob area of my bra.

Yup, subtlety isn’t my thing!

I could tell he was trying not to stare at me in horror. It wasn’t the kind of look that said “Why don’t you just take your shirt of to get a better look at it, hur hur hur?!” It was the terrified deer in the headlights look.

Oh man!!!

And yup, my boobs managed to kill the underwire of my bra. Right in the office. I’m never leaving the relative safety of my home again!

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