Kathy Goes to Mallorca Pt. I: Yay for free wifi!

So, it’s that time of the year. It’s vacation time. (Notice how I’m saying this as if I actually went on holiday once a month!)

After an early rise at six in the morning and arriving at the airport at 9:30, we learned that we couldn’t actually check in before eleven so the first hour of our vacation was spent sipping stale diet coke and – due to a nervous stomach – visiting the surprisingly Mediterranean airport bathroom about a dozen times while telling my body that no, it wasn’t getting any food it would be able to use as a weapon against me. Can you tell I don’t deal well with traveling by plane?

After checking in, we immediately sat in a cafĂ© in what I swear is the tiniest departure waiting area in the world. People were sitting in each other’s laps (well, almost) until it was time to walk to the plane. Yes, I said walk. No nifty gates or shuffles. Walk. By foot.

I’ll spare you the details of how I clawed at the armrest of my seat, temporarily turned Christian so I could confess my sins and hope for the best and generally drove everyone insane with my cries of “Oh my god, we’re gonna die!!” So fast forward two hours and…

Tadaaaa! We’re in Mallorca!

Everything seemed to go so fast from there. John Lennon welcomed us to the island while we were being driven to our hotel. When we looked at the clock once we’d arrived at our hotel, over two hours had passed since we’d touched ground in Palma. But it had seemed like no time at all. We’d been so worried about a million little things since we’d booked online and through an independent travel agency. But everything went so smoothly.

And the hotel! Oh my! It’s a cute little place, none of these huge modern resorts but recently remodeled. The room is small but so gorgeous and we have the most stunning view of the sea and the lighthouse from our balcony.

When we arrived, it was close to dinner time and since we were absolutely famished, we only walked down to the port to look at the sea and then went back to have dinner. Which was also really good. Some reviews had said that the buffet didn’t offer much variety. Which I can already say is crap. It’s only our first night and we were already overwhelmed with food. And actual fresh food, too. Not the usual offerings of fries, noodles and some weird meat. Instead there were six or seven different kinds of salad, homemade pasta, fish and at least five different veggie dishes. And please don’t get me started on the desserts! I didn’t want to stop eating but after not eating all day, I didn’t want to overwhelm my body.

And I’m sorry to say, this was our first day here. I would have loved to go on a nice walk after dinner but the tiny bit of energy I had left only allowed for a nice cold drink from the hotel bar and an early night in to type this on my phone and letting the background noise of crappy television lull me to sleep.

So…I’ll leave you with a few impressions of Rodney and me and the sea and the moon.



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