The Boys Are Back in Town

Apart from the aforementioned stress at work, my life is simply wonderful at the moment.


Because my boys are back!

To the sane person, this may seem like a bit of a silly thing. But I have loved AFI for over ten years now. We’ve only just had our 10 year-anniversary in March of this year. This band has shared the best and the worst of times with me and it has managed to lift me out of my mysery when friends and family couldn’t.

I do not have any dramatic stories to share like some other fans, like how they literally saved me from killing myself because I heard their song while putting a knife to my wrist (not making fun here, just saying that’s not my story) but they have definitely changed me for the better. I’ve made friends and foes through them. I’ve seen the world (well, Europe…) because of them. I dared do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. And most importantly, they taught me that it is okay to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. You only need to be passionate about what you’re doing. If you’re in it with only half your heart, it’s likely to fail, but if you give it your all, it doesn’t matter if it makes you look stupid, you’ll still be the coolest kid around because everyone else is just dreaming of what they’d like to do.

But they’ve been gone for over three years. Never really gone for me. But there weren’t any news safe for what you read on personal Twitter or Facebook profiles and those weren’t band-related. Other projects, weddings, vacations… It’s all nice to follow but what you’re craving as a fan is new music, and with that, a new tour. I’m still waiting for the latter as there’ve been no European tourdates announced so far. But new music there is. Two new songs have been released already, one of which will even be featured (as a remix) in the Mortal Instruments movie. And in October, a new album will be released, Burials. Wow! I cannot even begin to explain how it feels when I hear new music or when I’m told they’re being featured somewhere. Not without sounding silly, anyway. I always say I’m “proud like a mother” and I guess that comes close.

I’ve just followed them for such a long time already, through what will soon be four very, very different albums, five more that’ve been released before my time and numerous side projects. And nothing they’ve ever done has truly failed me. I can honestly say that I’ve loved everything they ever put out. Not in a stupid, biased way, like I would just make me like it. And with single songs, love may be too strong a word. But there’s never been anything that had to truly grow on me or that I would just dislike forever. Which is crazy because they’ve gone from being hardcore kids to…well, what almost sounds like progressive rock. Sometimes, I can only shake my head but most of the time, it just excites me.

Now the only thing I need are tourdates. And you bet I’ll be stalking them again!

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