An Idea

I’m not good at maths. Or logical thinking. Or even thinking at all.

But what seems logical to me is that if I up my intake of healthy food and snacks, that will leave less room for other stuff. Let’s face it, I’m a foody, a glutton even. But even my belly’s capacity is limited and so is my appetite.

The good news is, every Tuesday, my office gets a fresh delivery of fruit. A whole basket full of vitamin-filled goodness. And few people ever really touch any of it. Only the bananas are gone within half an hour. The apples, the grapes, the pears…they’re usually left to rot. Which isn’t just a shame because wasting food should be illegal. It’s also a shame because I have free belly fillers right there and I don’t use them to my advantage. Whaaaat?

So I’m thinking, if I pick out a certain amount of it – and additional stuff I can buy myself if I feel like it – and make it a rule that those are my snacks for the day and I have to eat it all before I’m allowed to turn to any less healthy snacks in the case I’m still hungry or still have an appetite, that should do me a whole lot of good. I tried it today and it seemed to work. I picked out a pear and a cup of grapes. Which may not seem like much but I cut the pear into pieces and that fruit kept me munching for a few hours. Which is basically what snacking is, right?

I still don’t want to eat all the time, so I’ll try to stay away from it unless I’m really craving something but I’ll try to stick to this now.

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