Well, I guess I’m not so good at sticking to certain dates, even when I schedule posts. So I’ll just blog whenever I feel like it and that is that.

Lately, this weight loss thing has been frustrating me again. The other day I dropped 2 kilos over a weekend when I hadn’t even been extremely careful or moving much. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t complaining, but things like that make it hard to understand whether I’m doing everything right or if this is just my body playing tricks on me.

Then last weekend, I was really good with what I was eating and I walked a lot. Okay, so I say walked but what I mean is I went shopping. But whenever I go into town by tram or bus and actually do things by foot, as sad as that sounds, that adds about 200% to my usual burned calories. Of course, it doesn’t help that each time I decide to abandon my car for the day, something goes wrong. Like last weekend, we were waiting by the tram stop when the digital display said the next two trams were cancelled. So we walked to a nearby bus station to wait for the next bus. While we were waiting, another bus arrived by the tram station as a substitute for the tram. Without notice. So we ran to catch that one, just to spend a bumpy ride clinging to each other while the bus driver kept yelling and cursing at everyone. See why I prefer to take the car? But when I’m out with the car, it is so tempting to use it to drive every little distance, even when I could just walk and then walk back which may seem like a hassle but could actually count as some nice little extra workout.

Anyway, so I was doing really great, that’s my point here. I had some ice cream but otherwise ate a lot of fruit and veggies, actually took the bus to work and walked from there, you know?! And then I got on the scale on Sunday morning and I’m up a kilo again.


So it is really hard to understand and even try to find a balance here. I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong. Am I eating too much or too little? Is my body just strange and gains weight after I moved a lot? I know a girl whose body does that. If she waits another day, it is fine again.

This is driving me insane!

Of course, it doesn’t help that I have the willpower of a pebble. I keep saying I’ll ditch carbs after 4 pm or earlier. And I keep saying I’ll cook for myself a lot more. And I keep saying I’ll make it to the gym at least twice a week. Basically, I say a lot. And never do it or stick to it. I talk to friends and they’re like “I won’t have chocolate or candy around the house anymore” and then they just don’t. Not having chocolate or candy available for me means it’s not lying on the table. But there’s at least a bar of it in the kitchen cupboard. Why???

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