It’s Caturday V

Sometimes I think my cats and I were made for each other. All three of us will eat just about anything. While I’m trying to get better and be more conscious of what I eat, my cats get worse and worse.

Äffchen Eat World

Äffchen Eat World

The picture shows Äffchen eating mashed cabbage. Cabbage! And that picture is from about a year ago. Since then, it got way worse. When I rinse a plate and put it in the sink instead of the dishwasher, it takes about two nano seconds before both of the cats are hanging upside down in the sink to check if there’s anything for them to lick up. I used to think I only had to be more careful when meat or dairy products were involved but nope, they won’t stop short of vegetables and most kinds of fruit. The only thing they’re not a fan of are citrus fruits. But even then, they’ll come over to at least check it out.

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