Weigh-In Day IV

Blah. I gained 500g, only that two days ago, I stepped on the scale and had actually lost roughly a kilo. I know that the weight fluctuates for a variety of reasons but this time I know it’s because of all the water stuck in my body. Especially my legs. These past two days, my leg and feet were swollen to about three times their size. Especially my right foot was so big, it hurt to walk.

I researched a little about what I could do without taking any pills. Apparently, there are some really good meds but I have unpleasant memories of my grandma having a whole wicker basket full of different meds and popping about a dozen different pills per day. I already have my own little insulin basket but I don’t necessarily want it to grow, so I’m trying to find other ways before turning to the chemical solution.

In this case, apparently boiled rice without salt is supposed to help a great deal. So I took a Tupperware box of that to work with me. I added some apple mash for taste. Also, moving more = less water retention. This seems to be true, too, as my feet were doing a lot better after the gym today.

Otherwise, according to the appointment with my doc yesterday, I’m totally on the right track. I nearly fell over when she said my fat and cholesterol was “exceptionally great”. Ha! I’m not complaining. My thyroid is doing well, too. The only thing I should try around with are the calories. I may cut down to 1,600 but I’ll see how it goes this week.

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