It’s Caturday IV

One thing that always puzzles me is when people tell me they mustn’t touch their cats’ bellies unless they’re ready to face death.

Not only don’t my cats mind where I pet them, quite often they’ll actually present me their bellies to be petted there. And even when it’s not a specific “Belly Rub Day”, they don’t care either way. They don’t care if I touch their legs or tail, either. Sometimes Äffchen is in a playful mood and will slap my hand but not because she minds being touched in that specific place but more because…well, she just wants to.

I didn’t ‘train’ them to be like that, they just are. And it is so strange because apparently, it is rare that a cat won’t mind. And yet, both of mine are like that. I swear, they’re not cats, their alien life forms!

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