No Weigh-In

Today, there won’t be a Weigh-In post because I moved my weigh-in day to Tuesday.

First of all, it just sucks that my two regular posts, Weigh-In Day and Caturday, follow up right after each other every week. And then I just figured Tuesdays would suit me better. It sucks to have the weekend ahead when I thought I would be more likely to cheat but actually, I don’t. And I’ve never liked Tuesdays, so I’ll try to put a smile on my face by stepping on the scale in the morning.

What I forgot to say: I added a Challenges page. I love setting goals, challenges and making lists, whether they are about losing weight, what I want to read / watch / do in what time or just bucket lists. Right now, my project is to get down to 130kg or less by Mallorca. There’s even a fancy ticker for that. Oooohhh…

In the long run I hope that, especially with my weight loss, these mini goals will motivate me and keep me going.

There was no time for the gym this morning because I needed to take my mom to the mall and the grocery store before work. I did quite a bit of walking there but I would have preferred the gym as I was full of energy that needed to be let out. I don’t know if I’ll make it after work tomorrow or if I’ll just go on Sunday instead. Part of me things Saturday night will be perfect, when all the party folk is out clubbing and I have the gym to myself. On the other hand, it would probably be hush-hush after work for me and I’d have more energy on Sunday. We’ll see. I’ve made it to 2 times this week which is my goal for now, so I’m already proud. Won’t hurt to go a third time, though.

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