It’s Caturday III

Best Friends

Best Friends

I think what most non-cat people underestimate is the soothing effect cats have on the soul. The noises they make, their gentle touches, the calm and quiet presence. Whenever I have a particularly bad day, I try to focus on my cats. I watch them sleeping next to me or pet them and listen to their quiet purring.

People say that cats are independent and will leave if they can. But I sincerely doubt that when I see the way they live with me. They’re not just hanging around waiting to be fed. They sit close to me even after they’ve just had dinner, they remind me of their presence and come to me if they want to play or be petted. Just because they don’t do tricks like a dog doesn’t mean they don’t want to be with their humans. They’re not demanding but they just like being close to me.

And they’re really good listeners. Not because I think they understand me but because rest peacefully and purr when I’m talking to them, just letting me rant on and on. The more I talk to them, the more relaxed they get and that just helps. Like a quiet therapist. Cheaper, too. 🙂

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