Weigh-In Day II

I’m sorry for not posting this yesterday as planned but I didn’t really get a moment to sit down and write a post.

The last week was both, a disaster and a success. I had the week off and never even made it to the gym. Which is fine considering that I already planned to take time off from work and other things when I’m on vacation.

What wasn’t so cool was that I also let myself go with the eating and the not logging. I think the logging is the main problem. If I get better at that and actually see the calories I’ve consumed black on white on MFP, I’ll automatically eat less because I’ll think twice before eating that ice cream or cake or crisps.

Anyway, I pained for it with a 800g gain. Not cool.

But there were also good thing. First was the booked vacation in September, of course. That led to me going shopping on Thursday, aiming for a swimsuit. Yes, I am gonna bloody get into the pool, maybe even the ocean. I haven’t worn a swimsuit in about ten years and past vacations were spent avoiding the pool like the plague. But now I figured what the hell?! Who cares who sees me? I won’t ever see those people again. Still, shopping for one seemed a bit like a nightmare. I had one from H&M on my mind (that turquoise patterned one?!) but ended up buying the black version of it instead because it looks a lot posher. And also because the turquoise wasn’t available in my size. Which turned out to be a devastating 54, the biggest one. I used to be down to a 48 and looking forward to shopping outside the plus size department! That came as another wake up call (how many do I need?). I’m gonna try to lose as much weight and shape up as much as possible until Mallorca. Which may lead to the suit being loose but HAHA, I’m smart and I have an old smaller one just in case. Although my new, pretty one is shaped so nicely that it’d still look good, I’m sure. And, if I do say so, I don’t look so bad in it. I’m no BeyoncĂ© but it’s not a nightmare like I thought it’d be.

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