Seven Days in the Sun

If, around 7pm CET tonight, you heard a high-pitched screeching noise, that was me. Probably.

Because around that time I hit the “Book Now” button and secured my first proper holiday in years. Pushing all California, AFI tour and other plans aside, I figured I bloody deserve sun, a nice hotel room and the ocean. I haven’t been anywhere, safe for a couple weekend trips, in four years. That’s harsh because I used to go on a proper holiday once a year. Nothing major, just spend a couple days in the sun.



So, in September, I shall get on a plane and fly south to Mallorca. Strangely, I’ve never been there. It’s a very popular destination for Europeans and maybe that was what kept me from going so far?! It wasn’t really on my radar this time either, until we hit a travel agency office on Monday and started planning back and forth. We were talking about Turkey, Malta and several other places and then I just threw Mallorca in. My mom instantly got excited and everyone started pitching in and telling stories about what they’d seen and done when they were there and it just seemed perfect. Suddenly I wanted to go there and nowhere else. But the offers we were made there all seemed to have their flaws, so we left with the intention to sleep on it.

But of course, I can’t rest when I’m that excited, so I started searching the Internet. I live and breathe the Internet. I buy pretty much everything online. I’ve dated online. But somehow, booking a holiday through a website was something I’d always felt a little apprehensive about. When I saw the online prices, though, I decided that I would have to give it a try. And yes, I was smart enough to Google everything. The hotel, the travel agency, the location… There was some criticism to be found in several places but most things that were mentioned could either happen to you no matter who or where you’re booking with (i.e. local employees messing up your flight reservation) or simply don’t matter to me (no local travel guide). And what I used to be afraid about – checking and doing everything myself – suddenly seemed like a good thing to me. I could check all the details and decide step by step what I wanted to book where and could see what exactly I’ll be paying for. It was far less overwhelming than having a stranger do the booking and telling you all about it, then sending you home with some printed pages that you will later stare at and think “What the heck was that for again?” So fingers crossed that it’ll be fine.

What I know will be fine is the hotel. We chose it so carefully and it’s beautiful and in a really quiet spot (Porto Colom). Apparently, it’s an “adult hotel” which means minors cannot be booked into the hotel. Yes, people, you may hate me now but I’m looking forward to a holiday without screaming kids. And dammit, I deserve it! There are two large families in my neighborhood which means sitting on my balcony often feels like sitting in a kindergarten. And I’ve never complained once. So I deserve to sit in the sun for a blissful week and not listen to other people’s offspring. Right? Right.

So excited!!!!

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