Weigh-In Day I

I used to have a weight loss blog on Livejournal. I enjoyed blogging about my progress but I’ve also noticed that I keep making separate blogs for several aspects of my life and ultimately, that’s what I’ve done all my life. Tell different people different things about me, sharing different things in different places, always keeping things separate from each other so nothing ever reflects the whole of me. I could go into depth of why that may be now but that’s not my point here. What I want to do is merge my life a bit more. I’m still keeping my book blog because that really isn’t a personal blog and it is written in German, too. But everything else belongs into this blog because this is me.

As I’ve mentioned before, Friday is my weigh-in day. So the plan is to report about my progress here every Friday, good or bad, reflect on why the week was easy to complete or a struggle, write about new things I’ve tried or tasted. We’ll see how that goes but I do these things in my head anyway so why not write them down?

I always step on the scale in the morning before I’ve had breakfast. Some people are really petty about it and wait until they’ve been to the toilet but I’m not that detailed about it. Usually, I use the toilet first thing out of habit anyway but on mornings when I don’t, I still hop on the scale. I know this may alter the result a tiny bit in either direction but I don’t want to obsess about it all too much. And today, I was happy anyway. I lost 0.8kg, making it a total of 2.2kg. Seems like it really is baby steps for me but I’m used to that by now. Many weeks, I don’t make it beyond 0.2kg, so today felt great.

Admittedly, the past week made it easy for me to stick to my new calories (which I lowered to 1,700 by the way). It is a home office week and I spent most of it at home. Despite not having to boot the laptop before 2pm, I got up early, had proper breakfast and prepared healthy, low cal lunch. I didn’t work out which I know is silly. I’ll never get into a good routine if I only go once in a blue moon. I really need to think of something because it is not the workout that puts me off but the long way to the gym. It’s hard to integrate gym time into my schedule when getting to and from the place takes me so long. Maybe I’ll see if there’s another gym that’s easier and quicker to reach. It doesn’t help that losing weight is so easy and possible without working out, either. My mind tries to tell me it doesn’t matter but I’ll regret it when I’ve lost weight but still look unfit. But for today, I’m happy about the loss.

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