What’s Cookin’

I’m getting so much better at this healthy eating this. So far, I’ve cooked for myself twice this week which is about twice more than in most weeks of my life. Maybe I should add that I don’t consider heating things up in the microwave to be “cooking”. I’ve done that a lot but the nutritional value of that stuff is probably close to zero.

Yesterday, I made a broccoli potato gratin from scratch. Without cheese but with an egg on top instead. It was delicious, though I must admit I didn’t make the sauce myself. I should have, though, because I bet I can make a more delicious and healthier sauce than that.

Today, I made a vegetable pancake. I got the recipe from a friend who made it for us the other day and it’s just wonderful. It’s not actually a pancake, though. It does contain flour and water, much like a traditional pancake but the consistency and taste is quite different. Probably because it mostly consists of chopped vegetables. Oh, and by the way, when I say pancake, I don’t mean what most Americans probably think of. You know, the small breakfast kind that you pile up and smother in maple syrup or other sweet stuff. Those are delicious, too, and I can hardly resist them. But in Europe, our pancakes are thinner, bigger and usually not very sweet. The taste comes from the toppings which can be sweet…or not.

Great, now I want sweet pancakes!

Anyway, what I’m saying is I’m starting to enjoy cooking as a part of my day. Even though the chopping and stirring takes up a bit of time, it doesn’t feel like a chore so much as half an hour for me to come down after work. I’m still a fan of parking my butt on the couch as soon as I come in the door but I guess that’s what got me into this place…

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