Not Sorry For My Loss

I didn’t get to blog over the weekend because I pretty much worked through it. “Real” work on Saturday morning and then I spent the rest of Saturday and the whole of Sunday working on my website and forum. Thanks to my two crafty friends – one of them being a Photoshop wizard, the other a computer genius – I managed to remodel both. I use WordPress for the website, too, so apart from the graphics and colors which I needed help with, that was fairly easy to deal with. But vBulletin…oh my God, vBulletin! I love their forums, I hate working on the theme. It’s so detailed and so difficult to understand. But I managed and it’s pretty much done. It’s here, by the way, just in case anyone is wondering. But it’s in German, sorry about that.

Anyway, what I was actually going to refer to here is my last entry and the worry about another failed weight loss attempt. Well, I stepped on the scale on Friday, scared to open my eyes and look at the result. And I’d lost a pound. Yay! At first, I was a little torn. Should I be happy or disappointed that it is “only” a pound. But then I gave myself a mental kick. How silly is this? A pound is awesome and it’s actually the recommended loss per week on MFP. It’s 500g more than I used to lose before. And I made a vow that as long as there was even just 100g less on the scale than the week before, I’m gonna be happy and proud of myself. Because negativity isn’t gonna help things, right? It may be a small process but it’s going down and that’s all that matters.

So yeah…it’s back to the gym on Wednesday and Friday. And then it’s gonna be a fun weekend with a trip to Amsterdam on Sunday which I’m really, really looking forward to. Game of Thrones exhibition. Eeeeep!

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