Biting My Nails

I am both, looking forward to and nervous about Friday. It’s gonna be my second weigh-in since I’ve started watching what I eat again. Last Friday was really good. Despite several sins, I’d been down almost a whole kilogram. This week, I’ve been doing so well thus far. I haven’t had any food sins except for Saturday. I told myself that it’s okay to sin on Fridays or Saturdays if I really have to. And since I’d already planned to go to my new favorite Japanese restaurant with a friend, I’d told myself not to watch my calories. But later, when I logged them, I found I was still within my goal anyway. Still, a lot of sodium and fat was had that day so it wasn’t my best. The rest of the week I’ve been really good, though. No fast food, just a little candy… I don’t think I’ll ever be able not to have at least a bite of sweet after a meal. When I can, I try to have fruit instead of chocolate or cake or pudding or whatever. But sometimes, I just need the real deal. Which is alright (for me) as long as it’s within my calorie goal.

I’ve also been to the gym. The plan was to go on the weekend but then things kept coming up and I decided that my approach would be to work out after work during the week as it’s easier for me to get to it while I’m on the go anyway. On Monday, I went through 45 minutes of walking on the treadmill on my own. Today I’m going with a friend and we haven’t decided if we’re only gonna do cardio or strength, too. I think I should get some strength training for my back and stomach done today. Right now, I really enjoy using the treadmill, probably because it’s new for me. In the future, I’m probably gonna mix things up so I don’t get bored.

I swear, if Friday isn’t gonna bring me a good result, I’ll cry. I know it’s only been two weeks since we upped the dose of my thyroid pills and there won’t be any miracles happening but I’ve been feeling a lot better, no lethargic days and no depression, so I’m hoping it’ll show on the scale as well.

As for a tiny NSV: I was so tempted to have Burger King for breakfast today but didn’t. Yay me.

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