Social Networking Dilemma

I feel old typing this but I’m a little overwhelmed by all the new possibilities social networks like Facebook are giving us.

Today, I was minding my own business at work when I suddenly found a new friend request in my inbox. The name seemed vaguely familiar and upon checking the user pic, it dawned on me that I had just received an add request from my hairdresser. Is this weird? Or is this a perfectly normal thing to happen and I’m just being difficult about it? It’s just that I remember a time before social networks were invented, yes, even a time before everyone and their dog had access to the Internet. And I don’t ever remember everyone adding each other’s phone numbers, addresses and whatever else we used before that. My hairdresser or teacher didn’t come around on a weekend to see what I was up to. Now, suddenly, they think it’s perfectly normal to add each other on Facebook and see what we’re having for dinner.

Now, it’s not like I have such a huge problem with her adding me. She’s nice enough. But I don’t understand the motivation behind all this. I go there about every second month, we have a nice chat and that’s it. We do have a few things in common, like our love for tattoos and a distant taste for cheap reality TV that we know is just a waste of time. And from scrolling down her profile on Facebook, I can tell that we have roughly the same humor. But I’m sure that wasn’t what made her add me in the first place. I’m sure she just thought “Ah, one of my customers!” and that’s it. And it’s like people feel an invisible force urging them to add everyone they’ve ever met on Facebook. I’ve had friend requests from people at work that I never – never! – talk to.

And then, of course, there’s my socially awkward side that’s freaking out and thinking “What am I gonna say to her?” I haven’t accepted her request yet for the sole reason that I don’t know if I should write her a thank you message, post on her wall and just be casual about it and pretend I do this all the time and it’s all cool. And this is coming from a person that is, indeed, adding people all the time for this or that game. But those are strangers who I’m not required to talk to. They don’t expect me to and usually, when I’ve found a new game, I add them by the dozen and so do they, so it’s perfectly fine not to contact each and every one of them. But in this case, it’s a person I know and I’m sure it’d be even more awkward, if that’s possible at all, if I was to just add her without another word. Oh man…

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2 thoughts on “Social Networking Dilemma

  1. So true…n this is being faced by almost everyone and around every corner of world. Thr r frend requests tat get flodded from ppl whom u hv jst met once…whom u meet while travelling or in a party at common ppl wid whom u hv just excahnged hello & hi…
    Don’t know wat it means 2 get thm added in our group of frendz…wat they expect…n how does it matter 2 thm 2 know wat’s happening wid me and around me…

  2. I completely understand your dilemma! You feel you should accept the request as it’s rude not too, but you are not friends in the true sense of the word and that’s where social networking is difficult to navigate. I love the analogy of people popping over on the weekend and I too remember a time before all of this and when we didn’t all have each other’s phone numbers and live in each other’s pockets. A better time perhaps? Good luck with your decision!

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