Nerdy As Nerdy Can

I am typing this from my new laptop. A laptop I got for one reason only: So I can play the new Sim City right from the 7th (European release date). My Mac is perfectly fine, don’t worry, and I still love it a lot. But I had to give in and switch back to Windows for my game addiction. I had planned to get a separat for my games anyway because the space they need just keeps growing. And, even as a total Mac girl, I must admit that currently, Windows is the only way to go. Even other solutions which hardcore Mac people resort to never really exclude Windows. Even if you run it on your Mac, it still stays Windows, right? Sadly.

So I got this new laptop and I’ve never felt less excited about something so expensive. Windows 8 really is…a pain. It looks great but is just confusing. I don’t even begin to understand why they’ve made it the way it is. What’s the point of a shiny new “modern mode” with apps and a clean style when half the programs won’t run that way and you’ll have to switch back to “desktop mode” anyway? Basically, the apps are what the Dashboard has always been for Mac: A sleek and stylish but otherwise useless display of different sorts of software and little helpers. Pointless, really. And confusing. I know it’s not fair to judge like this after having used the thing for about two hours. But I don’t think I’ll use this laptop for more than my games.

Apart from this I am relieved – and partly annoyed – to report that it really is my Internet that is painfully slow. I feared it may be a problem with my Macbook or maybe Safari (which I love, despite how uncool it is). But yup, Vodafone really is a pile of otter poop. It’s so freaking slow, I cannot even open another simple page like my email while it is loading something bigger, i.e. a Facebook game. And everything takes ages to load. Sometimes, while I’m waiting for it to open my inbox, I swear I can hear the crazy sounds of an old 56k modem. I am so, so glad that I’ll be rid of Vodafone by the 19th of this month. I may even be tempted to drive all the way to their office tower in Düsseldorf to throw the old, crappy hardware into the face of one of their employees. Grr… If it interferes with my Sim City lovin’, I may get even more violent.

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