Kathy Goes to Düsseldorf

Ah, another week of freedom! I know I’ll regret taking so many weeks off later when I’ll have no vacation left. But ah, currently, I can’t complain.

I started this week by going on a little trip to Düsseldorf with a friend. I don’t live far from there but it’s an expensive city and usually, I spare myself the anger. But apart from the crazy-expensive car parks and the crowded old town, I really love the city. I don’t even know why I don’t brave the place more often. Probably because it’s hard not to feel unworthy. The city is just packed with wealthy people who look perfect, talk perfect and act perfect. Although that might just be my POV. Still, it’s hard not to feel humble in the presence of so much luxury and money.

We started by taking a mini trip around the city in search of a cheap / free place to park the car. Lucky as we were, we found a spot right next to a subway station so it took us only a few minutes before we emerged right into the city center. First stop: A department store where I dug out a 10% off coupon (unforgivable in a place like Düsseldorf, I had to learn) and finally bought one of Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense. I’d been ogling them for a couple days now and had been ready to buy one in Oberhausen the other day but the color I wanted was out and I just cannot make myself buy a brownish lipstick, I’m sorry. Buying it in Düsseldorf turned out to be not very smart because even with the 10% off it was more expensive than in some places on the Internet but aaaah well, I had spent money and it gave me that nice warm feeling of being decadent.

Afterwards, we joined the crowds outside and went on a walk around the old town. Actually, we’d meant to go and grab some food but that turned into a longer walk because my friend is…let’s say not very adventurous. I had meant to try some of the exotic food places you find in Düsseldorf. It is well-known for its large Asian population and there are supposed to be a lot of fantastic Chinese, Japanese and Thai places. But my friend…let’s just say she’s the only person I know who would not be tempted to slit her wrist if she was told that she could only have one dish every single day for the rest of her life. She hardly ever tries something new and what she does eat is usually something safe and approved by generations of her family. So after we’d walked around the city and I’d pointed out a couple places, she finally came right out and suggested that we should just go to Pizza Hut. How exciting. Not. But ah well, by that, I was starving and freezing and not in the mood to argue the point. I did need a small victory, though, so I insisted we go to Sugarbird to get some cupcakes to go as a treat for after lunch.


Cupcakes and Coffee

Cupcakes and Coffee

Sugarbird Cupcakes is one of the cute little places that serve mostly cupcakes, of course, but also other sweet treats and hot beverages. If you want to be negative you’d say they’re all swimming on a current wave but I can’t help but love the little cafés. Located right between the main shopping street and the old town, Sugarbird isn’t exactly quiet and cozy, of course, especially not on a Saturday, but the interior is charming and the sugary treats are to die for. What else could you ask for? Well, a free table, maybe. But we weren’t looking for one on Saturday, so all was well. Instead, we even got a free cupcake. I wasn’t aware that there was some five for four offer but I wasn’t complaining. Well, I won’t be before I’m stepping on the scale on Thursday…

Carrying our sweet little treasure, we took another subway to Oststraße station and walked towards the nearest Pizza Hut. The place seemed packed but we were seated immediately. Since I still had a taste for the unknown, I agreed to share a Carribean Chicken Lovers Cheezy Crust pizza with my friend. Here’s the crazy thing about her: She rarely tries anything new but the few things she does like are the more exotic ones. Personally, I’ve always felt a little strange about putting fruit on my pizza but I decided to be adventurous. Millions of people cannot be wrong, right? And what do you know, it was quite nice. Although I’d still prefer my pineapple bathing in honey for dessert…

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

The adventure continued after lunch when my friend dragged me to the QVC outlet. QVC! Me! I was trying to make an excuse for not going inside but couldn’t come up with one. So I let her drag me inside. At first, it was the horror I’d expected. Kitsch and trash everywhere. Giant plastic bushes for the yard, ugly fleece blankets and royal blue floor length velvet dresses! But then we got to the cosmetics department. Have you ever had to force yourself to suppress the horribly high-pitched scream that’s trying to escape you in a very public place? They had Bare Minerals products for a very low price. It wasn’t very glamourous, mind you. Powders, blushes, primers, brushes…all put together in seemingly random collections and in sealed plastic bags. And all of them were returns because people didn’t like the colors or couldn’t pay for them after all. But I’d been ogling Bare Minerals for a while but the price always put me off. Now I got face powder, mineral blush, mineral eye shadow, tinted primer and two brushes for 14.00 €. And one of the brushes is even a kind I don’t own yet but had been meaning to buy for a while. I would have bought more but my friend assured me they always have whole mountains of BM for sale so I decided to try these and come back for more if I like them.

Feeling accomplished after I’d done some more beauty shopping, I then insisted we go back to the car before I spent more money. And so we did. But we didn’t leave Düsseldorf before getting to another little highlight for us. A couple days back, the first Starbucks Drive Thru in Germany opened in Düsseldorf. What’s probably part of everyday life for a lot of US citizens is exciting for us. Feeding your caffeine addiction without leaving the car…that’s genius! So we got there and I have to admit the place was still a bit of a mess. Things take longer than they should because everyone’s still learning. But we engaged in some small talk with the very sweet and charismatic employee and so the wait was alright. Because we’d been patient or nice or maybe just because we were customers, he even handed us two vouchers for free drinks. Which I’m not even sorry to say we spent right when we got back to Oberhausen. So with our second caffeinated drinks of the night, we also finally enjoyed our cupcakes. My friend insisted we go catch a movie the end the day but I was simply too tired and just wanted to change into my sweatpants and zone out in front of the television.

And so I did and haven’t really left my spot on the couch a lot since then. I will have to tomorrow, though. I decided to finally have my cat neutered and so I’m facing an early rise at 6:30 so I’ll have her at the vet’s by 8. I guess I should make it to bed now…

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  1. Must Have Boxes

    Those cupcakes look delish!

    – KW

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