As I am typing this, I am distracted by something that’s only existed just outside my little world so far: the Super Bowl. I knew it existed mostly from American TV shows. Other than that, much like most other things that shake the world and make it come to a halt, I’m pretty much unaffected by this. And as I’m watching Alicia Keys singing her hard out and huge monsters in Football gear bawling like babies…I can’t help but feel like this isn’t gonna change. Much like Soccer Championships or Fashion Week, I see the appeal, but no, thank you.

Why am I even awake and why am I watching this? Well, I’ve had so much sleep and rest, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fall asleep again. I’ve had this week off but since Thursday, I’ve done nothing but rest. Quite conveniently, I messed up my back again on Wednesday night, and don’t ask me how. On Thursday, I was still too stubborn to accept this, so I went to the hairdresser and met a friend in down. But after coffee, I had to admit defeat and wobbled home, feeling – and probably looking – like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, one again. I spent the rest of the day trying to move as little as possible. On Friday, things started to seem a bit better but I stayed in anyway, thinking that would make sure I could enjoy the weekend. But nope, I woke up on Saturday and couldn’t move at all. I was lying in bed and I couldn’t get up. Imagine my dilemma. I had to get to the bathroom really badly, my mom wasn’t home and I couldn’t call a doctor because I had no way to let them in. So I waited for my mom to get home, then we called a doctor. Luckily, he arrived quite soon and gave me a wonderful injection which worked within an hour. He also left me some pills that I could get hooked on and I’m glad he only gave me three, one for each day till I could make it to my doctor if need be. With these drugs, I made it out of bed by mid-afternoon and it’s slowly getting better. It’s still a little tender and sore and I can’t bend all the way down but I can get to the bathroom by myself, I can go and get some coffee from the kitchen…it’s all good.

The upside is that I spent about a third of the money I usually spend when I have time off. The downside is…well, I spent half of my week off at home. Reading, catching up with Modern Family, digging out my World of Warcraft account again, dusting off my book blog…and watching everything, everything, the television had to offer.

The only thing I could not convince myself to do was to watch Cloud Atlas. I’m trying to see as many of the Oscar Nominees as possible and so far, I’ve done well with Frankenweenie, Django Unchained, Life of Pi and Les MisĂ©rables. But I don’t know…Cloud Atlas…it got so many bad reviews and everyone keeps telling me it’s so confusing and I should read the book instead. I don’t know. I may write an Oscar-related entry sometime because most of the aforementioned movies deserve to get a longer mention.

Right now, however, I just wanted to whine. I think I may have to go to my doc and ask for an appointment with a specialist, then maybe have them show me some good workout for my back / hips. I could use some of the machines at my gym but now I’m seriously afraid of messing myself up even further.

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