This has been the view from my bedroom window for the past week. No, actually it got worse on Wednesday. So bad that I decided to take the bus to work. This never happens. Okay, it does happen once a year when the big fairground and fireworks hit my little corner of the city. That Friday, people go crazy and they’re not above killing an innocent for a parking lot. So last year, I got sick of it and made the decision to always go by bus on that day. And only on that day. I broke that promise on Wednesday because the HELL am I gonna drive on snow-covered streets before Mr. Plow has hit the roads! It went better than I thought but I’m still not a fan of being surrounded by (noisy) strangers that early in the morning. And it can only get worse when a granny (with an equally big bum as mine!) sits next to me and then loudly complains about the lack of space on the seats. She could have just got up on that seat and announced to the whole bus that my butt is huge and taking up too much space. Thanks, granny, I totally didn’t wish that you would stumble and fall off the bus at your stop!

After that day of being relatively annoyed with the world, Thursday came along and I was still angrily shaking my fist at the sky. And then I was informed that there’d be a meeting at work I hadn’t seen coming. And for some reason, despite the valerian pills I’ve started taking, I suddenly found myself ranting and bitching at my boss and really speaking my mind about all the things that have been going on lately. That never happens! And while I was still shocked at myself for opening my mouth, he got up and said he was gonna go get our big leader boss man so he could listen to these things for once and see that nothing is as peachy as he assumes. Imagine my face! I can’t deal with authority and I’m not nearly brave enough to speak up. Ever. I have no idea what had happened there but once the boss came in, I was the size of a chipmunk and wishing that I could dig a hole to disappear in. And yet, for some reason, I once again spoke up. Well, it didn’t end with any huge benefits for us, not counting a raise he announced but which we would have got either way, so it can’t be counted as some kind of victory. But nevertheless, I was really proud of myself for speaking up in a calm and collected kind of way and still getting my point across. Maybe I’m not as unprofessional as I always thought I was.

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