[MFMSJD] Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

It’s time for another “My Favorite Movies Starring Johnny Depp” post. This time, I decided I can no longer keep this going without making it about a Burton movie. As I’ve mentioned many, many times before, there are quite a few to choose from because the two of them have created numerous fantastic pieces of art together. For this post, I decided to go with “Sweeney Todd”, which also adds another wonderful ingredient in the shape of Helena Bonham-Carter, as well as the hilarity of having all of them singing.

“Sweeney Todd” is both, a fantasy movie and a musical. It’s a bit of a dark and twisted version of a Disney movie. Instead of a beautiful princess breaking into song in an enchanted forest where she’s surrounded by cute wild animals who, quite magically, squeak and chirp along, you get Johnny Depp in the role of a bitter barber-gone-killer in the twilight of 19th century London. No furries and birds will sing along, instead there’s an equally blood thirsty chef played by Helena Bonham-Carter.

There are more gems to be found in the cast, like Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen and the surprisingly awesome Ed Sanders.

Despite its rather gross and brutal plot, the movie isn’t a dumb splatter flick with lots of gore and blood. Well, there are lots of gore and blood but the storyline, while not super-original is quite enchanting. A former decent, possibly gentle, young father with a bright future ahead of him and his family, turns into a cynical and bitter person after a malicious soul (played by Alan Rickman) “steals” his wife and kid from him. If you desperately want to find a morale in any tale you’re being told, that would be it right there. How quickly life’s events can turn you. But as usual, Burtons work doesn’t dwell on the serious side of things. Instead, he turned “Sweeney Todd” into a fabulous deal, hilarious and stunning.

The main reason I chose this movie to rant about now, though, is that Depp’s acting is simply fantastic in this one. The way he plays this serious character without ever making it too dull or too much of a cliché, even adding a bit of a hilarious touch to it, is just mindblowing. I dare you not to crack up during the scenes when Mrs. Lovett tries to get all lovey-dovey on him. Try it!

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