You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you wake up with this song stuck in your head.

I should know better than to get up on a day when my inner stereo is playing Rick Astley to me. This is never a good sign. Of course, I blew all caution to the wind, got up, fed the cats, settled on my couch to watch some TV…and wasn’t disappointed.

My mom had asked me last night if she could have the car this morning to drive to her doctor. I told her she could but I needed it back by eleven or be notified. When I still hadn’t heard from her by 10:15, I called her and it went straight to mailbox. I called her work phone and no one picked up. I sent her a text and received no reply. This is no surprise because the thing about my mother is that she owns a mobile phone simply so she can leave it at home and then laugh at herself. In this particult moment, though, I wanted to take her phone and shove it…well, you know?! So I checked the bus schedule, found that the last bus I could take in order to not be late for work left in twenty minutes, then hurried to throw on the first clothes I came across, make myself sandwiches for lunch and then hobble down the stairs and out of the house…just to find my car parked neatly in front of the house. Argh! With only twenty minutes left until I needed to leave anyway, I decided going back upstairs made no sense. So I sent my mom an angry text, got in my car and drove to work anyway.

With a hectic morning like that, the day can only go down the drain. When I left, I had a full machine of laundry running and I half expect to be swept away by a wave of wet clothes and dirty water when I get home.

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