Hello 2013! Happy New Year! Resolutions and all that jazz…

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Yeah, I know, what a party animal am I? It’s not even 2AM. But I think I’ve already made it clear on numerous occasions that I’m not the party type.

I did, however, have a nice NYE. Pretty much like every year. It’s another family tradition to see a movie in the afternoon, then have dinner at a restaurant and then lounge on the couch, feeling bloated. On very rare occasions, I’ve done something after that or even been somewhere else on NYE. Come to think of it, I can only remember one year when I spent it with a friend in Munich. I remember there being snow, her getting tipsy and running downstairs to kiss a stranger. Which was as far “Woo hoo, party!” as we would go.

We went to see “Life of Pi” today and it was so, so beautiful! I’m so glad we chose this movie despite the 3D. As usual, it was us and a bunch of seniors who only ever seem to go to the movies on NYE. And each time, they’re hopelessly lost with finding their seats. We weren’t making things easier for ourselves and them because we were late. It wasn’t my luckiest day anyway. Not only were we late, I was still in pain and sort of hobbling along. Our seats were taken so we sat in the row behind that and I spent the trailer show and the first few minutes of the movie praying to a God I don’t believe in that there wouldn’t be anyone claiming our seats and therefore causing a fuss and making me have to get up. And I managed to grab the one straw with a hole in it for my Diet Coke. Why does this always happen to me? And why does, whenever this happens, the movie suddenly switch to a thought-provoking quiet scene as soon as I suck on my straw with that squeaky “Phhheeettt”-noise? I had also forgotten my phone at home. Those…I don’t know, five(?) hours have been the longest I’ve been separated from my phone since it got stolen in March and I was shocked to find how addicted I am to it. I don’t text or tweet or post all that much with it, I just use it for virtually everything. I don’t even own a watch and I got positively anxious during the movie when I couldn’t glance at my home screen every couple minutes to check the time. At the same time, though, it was strangely soothing to know there was no point to zip and unzip my bag every couple minutes and that I could just lean back and focus on the movie. If I had the balls for it, I’d try one of those “XX Days Without Internet / Phone / Facebook / Whatever” projects. But I’m feeling the urge to slip to the floor and curl up into a fetal position just thinking about it, so I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

What is gonna happen, though, is me giving you a short list of my New Year’s Resolutions. Isn’t this exciting (not!). I’m not one to make any of those…figurative ones. You know, the kind that kind of sound like you expect miracles to happen. “I wanna lose weight” or “I wanna be happier”. I used to do those but then I thought, how do I expect them to happen when I can’t even be specific and when I won’t even invest two minutes into thinking about exact things I want to achieve and how. Like how much weight by when and how. What is making me unhappy and what do I want to do to change it? You know, baby steps. So for this year, I would like to…

  • …be better about my beauty and care routine. Because I happen to always just ‘drop it’, especially at night. I go through about two or three tubes of my day cream before I even get close to replacing the night cream because I never bother to take off all the makeup and use my night care. I have pores the size of craters on the moon and if I do get zits, they’re quite nasty and I’m sure being more persistent about the daily care would help.
  • …finally make it to California. I am this close. Without trying to make it sound like I’m using people to have someone to go with, there are two or three who have said they’d like to make it there with me. I have about two thirds of the money I’ll need saved up. It’s looking really good and I’m hoping to make it in September.
  • …work out more / get a proper workout schedule. My huge failure with the 30DS workout showed me how really, really bad my condition is. It’s not only about losing weight (though that is still a big part, too) but I was just shocked to see what a bad shape I am, despite having gotten a lot better about going to the gym. I joined the gym in summer and I’m still going there, albeit not as regularly as I should. That’s about ten times better than I’ve done in previous years. But I need to do more. My modest plan now is to work on the 30DS till I can make it through a full level 1 without stopping and feeling like dying. I suspect I’ll have to take a couple days in between like I did now because it’ll be so, so painful like right now. But it’ll be worth it. The next step will be working out twice a week, either with the DVD or the gym or both.
  • …create a cleaning schedule. This sucks and shouldn’t be needed for a single living alone but I’m honestly terrible at cleaning. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without it and then I nearly throw up cleaning the toilet or putting the dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. But it feels so nice to sit in a flat that looks decent and smells nice. I’ll never be…hotel standard clean and I don’t want that. I don’t mind the odd dirty sock lying about or empty glass standing on a table. I’m just…whatever about these things, you know?! It doesn’t matter to me and I don’t get twitchy  toes if I don’t put my mug into the dishwasher as soon as I’ve drained my last drop of coffee. But I’d like to get the major things done somewhat regularly. For example sweeping and scrubbing the floors, cleaning the bathroom. Can you believe I’ve only ever cleaned my windows twice since I moved in in 2007? Admittedly, it’s quite terrible since they’re huge and I can’t even reach the top from a ladder, so it’s always a bit of an acrobatic act. But I should do it at least once or twice a year. So I’m thinking about making a weekly plan for the smaller things like laundry, bathroom, bedroom, etc. And then an annual one that contains the big things like windows, stairs, etc. I’m gonna have to work on it, then maybe print it out at work and put it up to have my mom check on it for me.

There you go. Most of them small things, all of them quite specific. I’m quite proud of myself for coming up with them.

Sooo…it’s 2:17AM now. I’m drugged up on alcohol free sparkling wine for kids and painkillers against my still aching legs. Äffchen has come out of hiding since the last bangs outside have died down about fifteen minutes ago. I’m thinking another episode of Modern Family and then bed.

Happy new year, guys! Hope you had a good night and may you have a wonderful 2013!

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