Smallish Update

I am alive, but barely so.

I just lifted my arm to brush some small piece of dust off the screen of my laptop and it caused me worst pain than I expect giving birth to a baby hippo would put me through.

When I woke up this morning, I was in fear. I needed to use the toilet so badly but after moving the first muscle, I was convinced I’d never make it to the bathroom in time. Rest assured, I did make it. But it was a close call.

Ever since then, I’ve been crawling around the place. When I was struck down with a disclocated back, it was roughly the same but it was only my back that hurt. Now it’s just about every single muscle in my body. And the worst is, the pain comes as a surprise every single time. I lift my arm, and it hurts in my leg.

I repeat: I hate you, Jillian Michaels!!!

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