Great Expectations

Gee! That’s disappointing. I was hoping that the entended cleaning and baking session I have planned for Sunday would have to be cancelled due to a sudden non-existence of my flat and the world it used to be situated in. Now it seems I ran out of excuses.

Actually, I’ve used “Doesn’t matter, it’s 12/21 soon!” as an excuse for a lot of things. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do now. As if Christmas wasn’t stressful enough already.

At least I got out of the usual horrible family visit. It seems so anyway. I got out of it last year because my mom had promised my uncle that we’d stay overnight and I said I had to work. Not entirely true but hey, I’m not gonna stay in a small one bedroom-apartment with my “I’m only drunk on Christmas”- uncle, his “I only drink when he drinks”-wife and my mother who simply smiles her way through it all. Not without access to the Internet, anyway. So I was guilt-tripped into saying I’d my mom this year. But for reasons that I don’t fully understand myself just yet, she seems to be slightly passive-aggressive towards that part of our family at the moment and refuses to call them to confirm our visit. Suits me fine because it means I’ll have two and a half wonderful days to curl up on the couch. I may get to finish another book. I may also make it a Tim Burton and / or The Dark Knight marathon. I saw a rather dull documentary on Johnny Depp last night (which was mostly based on rumors and sensationalism) and despite how crappy it was, it made me wonder when I had watched some of his Burton movies the last time. Turns out it’s been years since I gave Edward Scissorhands a spin in my DVD player. Sleepy Hollow is on television every other month but it’s been a while for Sweeney Todd as well. Christmas, bring it on!

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