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I still owe this blog part two of my London trip. And about half a dozen other entries. But it’s Christmas soon and this year, things are going upside down. When you’re working in or with retail, you come to fear Christmas quite quickly. After almost seven years in this job, it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. But it’s never been as bad as it is this year. People are either pissed off or upset or both and they forget all manners. A broken ATM becomes a tragedy and you find yourself hoping that 12/21 will be the end of it all. In addition, we also have doctors practices and hospitals as new clients who put additional pressure on us because their whole admin work will have to be finished by the end of December. Work is no fun. And it’s all so new that no one really knows what’s going on so we’re constantly stressed out. I blame the horrors of the last week on that. Otherwise I’d have to say that it was an absolute nightmare for no reason other than people stabbing my back. I admit I’ve been complaining a lot and I may be so upset with it all that I exaggerate a lot. I understand that it might be a bit annoying for my co-workers. But the thing is, the two who complained with my team leader (who happens to be a friend of mine) are those who are the most stressful people to work with themselves. One is the hard to entertain guy mentioned here, the other is the kind of co-worker everyone has. The guy that no one likes because he’s too ambitious, too much of a shmoozer. He’s not a superior of any kind but he’ll control you and point out your errors and flaws. So after this really, really stressful week, I’m sure you can imagine the last thing I needed to be told was that I should try not to complain about it anymore.

That’s the work-related stress. The other was trying to get all the gifts together without spending too much money this year. I’ve had quite a few unexpected costs in the past six months that left me struggling a little. And I know Christmas gifts aren’t about money but if you’re not all that great at DIY, it’s hard not to spend a nice sum. But I think I still got nice things for all my friends. I hope they’ll like them either way.

Homemade and yum!

Homemade and yum!

I even did get into a little bit of DIY-ing by making my own Christmas treats this year. I was gonna bake cookies but then I found this amazing recipe for white chocolate rum balls and I just can’t resist white chocolate. I made the ‘dough’ yesterday and let it cool in the fridge overnight, then formed the balls today. It was really messy and took a long time but they’re delicious. I may have gone a little overboard with the rum, though, using five spoons instead of the recommended three. Delicious, though. I may still bake a batch of cookies next Sunday to take into work with me on Christmas Eve since it’s bad enough that a co-worker and I have to work then, so I wanna give him a little bag of cookies as a gift. I hope I can find the motivation since I will have to work from noon to eight on Saturday as well.

After all this stressful up and down, I took a day ‘off’ yesterday and just relaxed on the couch. It came at the right time because I started the latest book in Simon Beckett’s David Hunter series last week and it’s so good! Oh, the suspense! But I forgot how good it feels to just curl up with a book in a quiet room. People pay thousands to go on extended holidays in the sun and I’m sure they don’t get to relax more than I did yesterday.

The plan for today was to clean the bathroom and then take a nice long walk along the Christmas Fair in town. But my plans were ruined when (TMI!) I stood up from the toilet seat around noon and felt a stabbing pain in my lower back. Turns out I dislocated it again and it only got worse and worse throughout the day. I managed to make my rum balls but only while sitting down at the dinner table. After that, I made it to the couch where I’ve been sitting ever since. Interrupted by painful, torturous trips to the bathroom. I wish I could crawl there but truth is I can’t even make it to the floor, so I just walk like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I only had this a couple months ago and I’m starting to worry that something is seriously wrong with my back. I went back to the gym last week and actually, I felt fine (only did cardio, though) but now I’m starting to think I may have to change my routine. Either that or do even more. I just hope it’ll be okay enough to make it to work tomorrow. Last time, it was bearable the next day, so here’s to hoping it’ll be the same this time. I’m not pleased about being stuck at home today, though. This is interfering with my plans!

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