I’ve spent most of today’s time at work alternately changing my blog theme and rolling my eyes in annoyance. It’s been a really slow day at work but the less calls I get, the easier it is to annoy me. Both, for customers and co-workers. With customers, it’s not so bad, just the odd few that will be either rude or particularly thoughtless.

Co-workers, however, are a different story. I’m on the late shift with one particularly difficult one this week. He’s quite a handful at the best of times, because he is unable to keep himself busy and entertained for more than five minutes. On slow days like today, he will pace the office like a caged tiger, come over to my desk to talk even when I’m busy, ask a million questions about things he really doesn’t care about like the book I am reading, my next vacation, my cats, whatever comes to his mind, really. When you tell him you appreciate his curiosity but are really quite busy, he complains that he is not. When you tell him to start bringing a book to work, too, he’ll tell you he can’t sit down and read. It’s hopeless, really.

Today definitely wasn’t one of his good days, though. I almost feel bad writing this because the poor guy is sick as a dog. But still, it’s just a flu. Watching him, though, you’ll think his life is nearing the end. A cough isn’t just a cough with him, it’s an eart-shattering event. I told him to stay home tomorrow and he came up with a million reasons why he can’t do that. So I think I’ll have the pleasure of watching him wither again tomorrow. Oh joy! Halfway into his suffering, he decided the only way to survive today was to keep himself distracted. So he started watching something on his phone. With the volume turned all the way up. Needless to say reading was out of the question then.

The worst of all was that eventually, he came over to ask about my progress at the gym. Ouch! Painful subject. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really, really need to get into working out again. Monday, I swear!

But I really can’t complain about this week. So far, I got an Amazon gift voucher, a nice fat bonus on this month’s paycheck and some other work-related good news. And it’s only two more days till I’m off to London where the aforementioned bonus will most likely be spent on cosmetics, books and nice food. So really, anything I can complain about are #firstworldproblems, as Twitter & Co. would call it.

After much back and forth, my mom and I also agreed on our “cultural” programme for this year’s trip. We’ve been going to London on every first advent weekend for…I don’t know…12 years? 15? Maybe even more? It’s sort of a family tradition and to our shame, we had to realize that we’ve never really seen much, apart from the things you see while shopping. The realization came after we got home from London two years ago. So, last year we decided that we couldn’t possibly keep from shopping but we could be less obsessed with it and spend at least half the day we actually get to spend in London (the Sunday is always reserved for Canterbury) doing some sightseeing to be able to say we did not just walk drive by all the famous places, museums and sights but actually went inside, took a picture and / or got a closer look at them. Last year, we started it in an abvious way by visiting the British Museum. While I enjoyed most of the exhibits (and passed by the others with a bored yawn), I have to say what got to me the most was the huge library. I didn’t like that we had to pass the souvenir shop in order to get inside, because it almost made me spend a small fortune on things like ink and feather, scarves or beautifully adorned boxes. But once my mom had pried me away from those, she found herself facing the new task of dragging me away from the huge shelves filled with beautiful old books. I’m not lying when I say that I would happily give all the rooms in my flat for one room like that.

This year, we’ve decided on more obvious choices: The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. We toyed with the idea of seeing a musical and I’d really love to visit the London Aquarium and go up on the London Eye, but my mom wasn’t such a fan of those and said we should keep those for another year when she can motivate herself for some of those more tourist-y overpriced things. Except for the musical which she would have loved to do but nothing we were interested in had any decent tickets left and / or a show on that day. Maybe another year… My inner geek is wetting herself in anticipation anyway. Giant dinosaurs! Rawr and all!!!!

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