Check Up

I went to the doctor for my check up today.

The aforementioned hormonal disorder also caused diabetes with me. When I found out about it in a dramatic way that involved being unconscious from high blood sugar and nearly a month spent in hospital, it came as a shock. Not because they diagnosed me with diabetes. I had seen that coming for a long time. Both, my grandma and mother had / have diabetes and let’s face it, I’ve been obese all my life. I figured that diabetes, like death, would eventually happen for me. What was so shocking was that I am a Type I. This particular type is not caused by anything you do or any outer influences like your diet. Mostly, you’re just born with it or at least with the fate to get it at some point in your life. In my particular case, it was caused by the Hashimoto’s (yes, my hormone’s carnival even has a funny name!). Diabetes is pretty much about your body not producing (enough) insulin anymore and even though I was working hard to bring on this strike myself, it turned out that fate had already planned it for me long ago.

I can barely give you any more info about Hashimoto’s which sounds silly, I know. I’ve read up on it a little, just to see if they were lying to me in the hospital. It just sounded too strange. But apparently, it’s true. Now I’m just glad that I know what I have and can roughly start treating it according to the doctors’ advice.

The most severe things it caused with me are the diabetes and a thyroid malfunction. So those are the ones that I’m taking meds for. It’s not that bad. When people find out I’m diabetic, they’re usually shocked and stare at me with pitiful eyes and I never know why. Maybe I’m just used to dealing with it through my family, but I can’t help but feel that I could have hit it so much worse. The worst part about it is that it is a little annoying and time-consuming. I chose a treatment that lets me inject insulin according to what I eat so I won’t have to plan ahead too much. But of course, that means either doing it in public a lot or rushing to the bathroom all the time. I’ve loosened up a lot about checking my blood sugar and even injecting insulin in public by now. For the most part, people don’t care. But still, there are days when I just simply forget about the diabetes. Like last Sunday when I didn’t think of checking my blood sugar at all, even though I had dinner, ice cream and popcorn. Sometime halfway into the movie, I remembered and went to the bathroom. I was over 400 then (normal is somewhere between 80 and 120). This rarely happens, usually it’s more a case of me ignoring it because I’m stubborn, but it does still happen. I think it only shows how comfortable life as a diabetic is nowadays. When my grandma was diagnosed with it some 20 years ago, it had already been improved a lot but even she had to say no to a lot of food because a comfortable insulin therapy like mine didn’t insist then. Neither did awesome pens like the ones I am using to inject my insulin. Yes, I still have to poke myself. Yes, it still hurts a little bit sometimes. But in general, it’s pretty easy to do and I’ve been okay with it ever since I did it myself for the first time. Same with the blood sugar check, though I admit I still take a deep breath before I poke my finger. And when I went to my “Congratulations, you have diabetes!”-course which they put you in when you’re new to the club or when you want to refresh your memory and learn about recent changes and new therapies, there was this elder couple who had both had diabetes since their youth sometime in the 40’s. I have no idea how people dealt with it all back then. A normal life was barely even possible. So yup, I do consider myself lucky still.

Another slight downside are the many doctor appointments it requires. Every three months, I need to go to my check up, once a year it’s a big one including getting the nerves in my feet tested and then I also need to go get my eyes checked once a year. I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time going to see my doctor. If anything, I’m…doubtful when it comes to them. I’ve had my fair share of doctors making mistakes or lying to me so I don’t really go to ask for their advice unless I have to. But as a diabetic, it’s really important.

Today’s appointment went better than expected. My HbA1c went down which means I’m getting less trouble from my doc. The shocking part came when I stepped on the scale and had only lost 1kg in the past three months. But then I remembered they made me check my weighed with my shoes on last time. It’s still not a lot and still depressing but hey, it is going down, so that’s cool. Now I’m just glad to be done with it till January or February. These check ups are never particularly bad (unless they insist on taking a big blood test even though they can’t get any blood from my bad, bad veins) but they usually take five minutes but have me waiting three times as long, if not more. They’re one of the many things I wish they could make more comfortable by letting people do these tests on their own and mail them the results or something. I think the only thing that requires special equipment is the HbA1c test, though I don’t know if they couldn’t come up with something for that, too. The rest are things I can check at home, anyway. Ketones, weight, blood sugar…nothing fancy! Ah well, it could be worse.

Tomorrow will be more painful. My friend is dragging me along to see Breaking Dawn with her. Popcorn-induced sugar rush, here I come!

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